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Chapter 39

Detective Sam’s car and the other police cars were speeding down the road. They were well aware of the killer’s location, but now it was very important to catch him before he could escape. The speed with which the vehicles were running, was similar to the adrenaline running through Sam’s veins. He was checking all possibilities, presumptions and combinations in his mind. And he was deciding what would be his strategy for each possibility. His phone then rang. 
He looked at the mobile display and answered the phone.


“Sir, there's a serious problem here” Eric’s voice panicked from the other end.

As he heard about the problem, he felt his heart violently increase its beat. 

“What?” he asked over the phone.

“Sir, the cat here exploded like a bomb” Eric informed him.

“ What?” Sam said in astonishment.

He was getting one shock after the other.

“But how come?” Sam asked further.

“Sir, It seems that there was an explosive in the cat’s belt and maybe it was programmed in such a way that if the signals were blocked to it, then it would explode.” Eric expressed his opinion. 

“Is Christopher safe?”  Sam asked, the first thought that came into his mind.

He was hurried to know whether they were able to save him or not.

“No sir, he is dead” Eric said solemnly.

“Shit. And our people?” Sam enquired.
He is gone... Okay ... fine...
At least, our people should not suffer..
He felt that from the bottom of his heart. That was no way that he ever had sympathy for Christopher and his gang. Yet, as a police officer, it was his duty to protect them.

“Two were injured. We're taking them to the hospital” Eric updated him.

“Look, you take control of the situation there. We are almost at the location where the signals are coming from.”

“Yes, sir”

“Take care of our people” Sam said and switched off the call.

“ Come on quick! We need to hurry. Otherwise, the killer may escape” Sam said to the driver whilst pocketing his phone.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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