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Fiction Books - Aghast : Ch-36 Origin of a Signal

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Chapter 36

Two police staff members, Richard and Eric, were monitoring the CCTV in front of them, sitting in the surveillance cabin, which was Christopher's guest house converted.

"At last! We have the fulfilling task of keeping an eye on cats and dogs" Eric said sarcastically. 

"Three days of this crap is enough; I’m done!" he then said in irritation.

"And I didn't join the police force to protect rapists" he continued to moan.

Richard didn't respond. 
For a moment, Eric kept quiet yet was soon complaining again. 

"The boss has this theory of cats and dogs, but there’s one thing I don't understand" Eric said.

Eric looked at Richard, expecting Richard to ask 'Which thing?' Yet he was too absorbed in his work and didn't speak.

"You know which thing?" Eric asked shaking Richard’s shoulders.

He just blankly stared at him and continued.

"Who could be the killer? If we consider John... but he is dead... and if we consider George...yet he is locked up. Then who could be the killer? '' Eric kept on questioning and answering his own questions.

Richard was still just sat next to him, making no response. 

"Hey, are you like this at home too?" Eric asked in irritation.

Richard just looked at him.

"If you are like this at home,
then how do you have kids? I'm surprised ?" Eric was trying to tease and annoy him. He thought that maybe he would talk to him due to this. And yes, his guess proved to be right.

Richard turned to him, in his defense and said "Is it required to speak for having kids?"

"You are right;  your neighbors might be taking care of it ... silently"  Erick said, still trying to annoy Richard.                                           

Richard then furiously picked up a wireless phone to throw at him. 
Eric got up and ran around laughing. 
Suddenly, there was a beep on the control board.

"Something is happening" Richard said.

There was some movement on one of the monitors. A black cat walked across. 

" That cat again!" Erick said.

" See the belt on her neck... " Richard said.

"That means... as Sam says, the belt must contain a receiver" Eric said.

"And it seems the receiver has detected something! That's what the beep is about" Richard said.

Eric picked up the wireless phone and spoke into it.                                                                                                                         

"Sir, there is an intrusion. The cat broke into the house" Eric informed his Boss.

" Good. Now try to trace the origin of the signals" Sam directed.

Suddenly, the signal tracing instruments came alive on the computer. 

"Sir, we have already taken care of that" Eric said, looking at the computer. 

"Great job, I’m on my way " Sam said and hung up the phone. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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