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Chapter 45

Sam was lying unconscious whilst a series of past incidences were flashing back in his mind.... 

... Nancy and John were hiding in a drainage pipe lying beside the road. They tried to squeeze themselves in more as they hear footsteps of somebody running towards them. Now, they were completely trapped. They could not run away. They just kept calm and squeezed together, closing their eyes like a cat, as they didn’t have any other option. 
Suddenly Steven came running near the pipe. John and Nancy were silent so they didn’t give themselves away to the people after them. He came closer still and looked around. They could hear his frustrated words,
“Where the fuck are they?” 

Steven saw the pipe and thought maybe they could be hiding in there. 
He went closer to the pipe. He was about to bend down to look into the pipe when....

“Steve, come here quickly” Christopher called out to him loudly. 

Steven looked in that direction and ran off. John and Nancy sighed in relief, hearing his departing footsteps. 
As Steven left, John removed his mobile phone from his pocket. He had switched it off so that no one would be able to trace him. He switched it on and dialed a number. Nancy quizzically looked at him.

"Anthony, our classmate is from this town" John said, while hearing the dialling tone.

"Hello?" John said into phone as it was picked up from the other end.

"Hey. Where are you? Everybody is looking for you here" Anthony's voice asked.

John told him the whole episode in short. 
"Nancy and myself are trapped here..." John told him about the real problem that they now faced. 

"Trapped ? Where?" 

"Some crooks are following us. I don't know where we are and I don't know what they want" John said.

Nancy signalled John towards the clock tower which was visible from the pipe.
"Yes, we are near the clock tower" John continued.

"Hey, don’t worry! Look, calm down first. In such a big town, those culprits can't harm you in any way." Anthony said.

"Yeah. You are right" John felt relieved from these encouraging words. 

"Do one thing. Flag a taxi down and tell the taxi driver to take you to the Hilton hotel. It's in that area " Anthony instructed.

They saw a taxi coming from the opposite side of the road. 

"I’ve got a taxi. OK, bye. I’ll catch you later" John said and quickly cut the line.

Both of them came out of the pipe. The taxi stopped in front of them as John hailed it. 
They got into the taxi.

"The Hilton hotel" John said and the taxi continued down the road.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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