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Horror Novels - Aghast CH 31 John Carter

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Chapter 31

Sam looked at the display of his ringing mobile. His partner was calling; he answered it. 

"Sir, we have the whereabouts of Mr. John Carter, Nancy's friend" 

"Good. Very good" Sam said enthusiastically. 

Sam's partner gave Sam the address and asked him to come down quickly.

.... John Carter was lying on his bed, coughing wildly. His beard had grown long and his appearance was extremely scruffy. It seemed that he had been lying like this on his bed from many days now and had rarely been going outside. 

When Nancy was raped and murdered, John became very depressed and upset and was unsure about what to do next. He felt from the bottom of his heart that the culprits must be punished. But how? He was not sure about this. John roamed around on the dark streets on a night, or stood at the beach in the evening watching the sun set. Probably, he thought that his situation was quite similar to the setting sun, in the respect that his own light was slowly fading. It had became his regular practice to roam around the city in the day time and after he became tired, he used to sit in a bar, drinking uncontrollably. But for how long would he continue like this? Slowly, his roaming around decreased yet his drinking increased. Gradually, he became in ill health and was now so weak that he could not even get up from the bed. Though he was on his bed, he had been drinking. As soon as he used to lose the effect of drink, he used to recall all of the terrible memories of Nancy's rape and murder. And then he used to drink again. A vicious cycle. 

John was lying on the bed, coughing badly. He tried to get up yet seemed to be very weak. In an attempt to stand up, he fell down to the ground, coughing loudly. 
Blood came out of his mouth whilst coughing. He was scared.
I must go to doctor...
But how can I go when I am so weak?...
I should call out and get the neighbours’ attention...
But he was so weak that he could not even speak out. 
What should I do?...
Finally, he made a decision. With the blood in his hand, he started writing something on the ground...

A man talked into a phone,                                                                                                                                                           "Hello, police station?"

He waited for the response from other side.

"Sir, I haven’t seen my neighbour in seven days. We have tried knocking his door, but there is no response. There’s an awful smell coming from his apartment and I think we need someone to come and check it out" the man calling said.

The man again waited for the response from other side.
"Thank you." The man disconnected the phone.

A police team headed by Detective Templeton reached the address given by the caller. They found the man waiting for them. He escorted them to a flat with its front door closed. As soon as they reached it, they had to cover their noses to avoid from the bad smell. They knocked on the door. No response. The door seemed to be latched from inside. They knocked again but there was still no response. At last, they kicked the door open. They covered their noses, as the smell intensity grew. Slowly, they entered the house.

Inside the bedroom, the police saw a decomposing corpse lying on the ground. Holding their noses tight, they moved closer. There was something written on the ground in front of the corpse. One of the police team members went forward and read -

“I am sorry Nancy, I could not save you. But don’t worry, I shall have revenge.” 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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1 comment:

  1. This is what expectd 4m evry true lovers-commited 2 one another evn after death! Nancy was none bt John's n John meant it truly n hence decided 2 take revenge upon Nancy's killers.


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