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Killer found? CH 40 Online Novel Book - Aghast

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Chapter 40

Sam and his team reached the place from where the signals were coming. 
A warehouse was visible ahead in the huge open space. 

"The computer has indicated the place here. He must be in the warehouse" Sam said, trying to relate the map in his hand with the place around. 

"Yes, sir" the driver said, looking at Sam for the next instruction. 

"Take us to the compound" Sam instructed.

"Yes, sir" the driver said, turning the vehicle into the open space.

The group of cars also followed them into the open space and started marching towards the warehouse.
All the cars stopped in front of the warehouse. Sam took charge of the phone. 

"Troop 2, troop 3 quickly surround the warehouse from all sides" Sam instructed whilst getting down from the vehicle. 

The police then all got down quickly from their jeeps. 

"Troop 2 go the from left and troop 3 go from the right." He made his instruction clear, so that it should not lead to confusion and chaos. 

Troop 2 members started running around the warehouse from the left and the troop 3 members started running around the warehouse from the right. If the killer was in the warehouse and if he intended to escape, he had to breach the chain made by them around the warehouse and that was almost impossible.
Making sure that his troops had completely surrounded the warehouse, Sam and his team ran towards the door of the warehouse. 

"Troop 1 is entering the warehouse. Everybody be ready, we don’t know the count inside." He informed the others on his mobile while running.

Everywhere inside the warehouse was dark, except a computer monitor glowing. A black silhouette of the killer facing the other way was standing in front of the computer. Only the back of the killer was visible. The killer hurriedly collected his things and put them in his bag. Suddenly he stopped. He sensed somebody’s presence in the warehouse. He listened attentively, without turning. 
How can it be?
Until now, nobody could reach me. How is it possible now?
Unnecessarily, I am getting hallucinations...
He shook off the negative thoughts from his mind and continued packing. 
As he continued to put the things in his bag, suddenly, he heard Sam’s stern voice warning 

"Put your hands where I can see them. You are under arrest.”

The killer smartly tried to slip his hand into his bag. Suddenly, a bullet fired beside him.

“Don’t do anything stupid” Sam warned.

The bag he was holding fell down as he raised his hands. Slowly, he started turning. 
Sam was guessing. Who he could be?
And why he had killed the victims so brutally?
As he turned completely and Sam saw his face, it was Anthony, John’s college friend. 
Sam, with his officers, slowly moved forwards and surrounded him from all sides. Sam informed his teammates outside on his mobile about the killer’s arrest. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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