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Movie screenplay to Novel - Aghast CH 46 Its Gentleman's promise

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Chapter 46

Christopher and his friends were still searching for Nancy and John. As they were all exhausted, they returned to the square from where they had started. Firstly, Christopher and Steven came back and stood in the centre of the road with a gloomy face each. As they saw Ronald coming and gasping heavily, Steven asked,
“Got her?” 

Ronald shook his head in negation. 

“Where the fuck could they be?” Christopher asked in annoyance. 

They felt hopeful again as they saw Paul approaching them. However, he showed his thumbs down from the distance.

“Go and find her! Don’t comeback until you have her” Christopher shouted at them furiously.

Christopher’s phone then rang.

“ Hello?” Christopher answered the phone without showing any interest in having a conversation.

“Hey, it’s Anthony” the voice said from the other end. 

It was Anthony, John and Nancy’s class mate. 

“Yeah, Anthony” Christopher responded weakly.

“I have arranged a special treat for you” Anthony said sinisterly.

“Look, we are not in a mood to be messed about with right now” Christopher said.

“Then this might help you calm down. A new girl in this town is being sent to a place for you to enjoy.” 

“A girl? New in the town? Wait... Is she with her boyfriend?” Christopher asked.

“ Yes.”

“ Does she have dimples on her cheeks? “

“Yes” Anthony answered.

“Does she have a lion tattoo on her arm?”

“ Yes, but how do you know?” Anthony asked with surprise.

“ Hey, it’s the same girl Ronald, Paul, Steve and I have been trying to find all morning! Just now she escaped from us.” 

Their faces blinked with happiness. 

“ Really?” Anthony asked with surprise.

“ You've done a good job. We have been looking for her desperately. Tell us where she is. Tell us and we'll give you anything you want.” Christopher seemed to be in very happy mood now.

“Which you'll deny later on.” Anthony expressed his doubt.

“ No, it’s a promise.” Christopher was now the happiest man on earth.

“Two thousand dollars from each of you.” Anthony decided to take full advantage of the situation.

“ Done” Christopher agreed without any consideration.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. I m sory dt I pointed out ├Ânly 4 Rascals when there was 1 more,taking the total to 5...d bloody hell Anthony! - d chief villian of d novel...!!


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