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Novels - Aghast CH 43 Signal Receiver

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Chapter 43

A handcuffed Anthony came out of the warehouse, surrounded by armed police force, for he was not some simple killer; he was a serial killer, who had killed four victims, one after the other. The police took Anthony to a car. Sam waited back at the warehouse gate. He seemed to be moved by the incidence. 
He needed to spend some time alone...
The important task of catching the killer was over...
Therefore, it would not make any difference if he did not accompany him...
He could also do the detailed investigation of the warehouse by waiting back...
He signalled towards his partner,
“You go ahead. I’ll catch up with you.”

The car in which Anthony sat started and drove away. The other cars also started and followed Anthony’s. A big cloud of dust rose. Sam kept looking at the settling dust cloud and the departing cars with a gloomy face.
As all the cars left and the atmosphere around became quiet, the detective walked near to the warehouse door. Whilst walking, he looked up at the sky. It was pink and the sun was about to rise in few hours. He then came back down to earth and lazily entered the warehouse.
It was still dark in the warehouse. He looked around at the glowing computer monitor. Sam went to the computer and saw the software running on it. He tried to operate the software. Some buttons he pressed at random. A device kept besides the computer started blinking. He held the device. It was a signal receiver, on which there was display. The display showed the ‘In signal range’ Instruction= ’LEFT’. He kept back the device. He again pressed the button on which ‘Right’ was written. The signal receiver blinked and showed ‘In signal range’ Instruction= ’RIGHT’. He pressed other buttons ‘ATTACK’. The signal receiver blinked and showed “In signal range’ Instruction= ‘ATTACK’ He held the device and started observing it carefully. Suddenly, he sensed something outside the warehouse. Holding the device in his hands, he went outside.
He came out of the warehouse and looked around. 
There was nobody here.
Then what was that sound?
Might have been something else...
As he turned to go back in the warehouse, the blinking device in his hand caught his attention. His face went pale and white. The signal receiver showed ‘Out of range’ and Instruction= ’NIL’ He kept on looking at the device with his mouth open. There was an accumulation of so many doubts in his mind. 
Suddenly, he sensed something around him. A black cat ran into the warehouse. He looked at the device and then at the warehouse door through which just now the cat had entered. Slowly, he started moving towards the warehouse door. He vigilantly entered the warehouse. Whilst entering the warehouse, one question was troubling him. If the signals could not reach even outside the warehouse, how had they reached the four victims’ houses?

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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