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Novels Online - Aghast CH 44 Big blow of air

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Chapter 44

Perplexed, Sam slowly entered the warehouse, moved forward and looked around for the cat. It was already dark in the warehouse and the cat was black, so it was difficult for him to find it. He took a wide look around the warehouse. In one place, he found some files covered with dust. He went over to the files. The files were on a shelf. He was curious to know what those files contained. He stretched up to get the files. Still, he was unable to reach the bunch. So he jumped and tried to reach the bunch. In an attempt to grab the file, a photo fell onto the ground. The frame broke and the pieces of glass scattered around. He held the broken frame and tried to see what it was, but since it was covered with dust and there was no sufficient light, he was not able to see. He went over to the glowing monitor and cleared the dust on the photo. As he looked at the photo in the frame, he was stunned. 
When Sam was about to recover from the shock he had just experienced,  the monitor started flickering. 
It may be some type of electric problem.
Therefore, he went to check the plug at the back of the computer. 
As he looked at the plug, he got aback.
He saw the computer power cable lying aside. Though the computer was not plugged in, it was still working.
Must be some kind of trick...
Maybe this power cable belongs to something else...
He checked the power cable from end to end. The power cable was supposed to be in the computer. 
Now, his hands started shivering.
Whatever he saw, he had never seen before in his life. 
Suddenly, the flickering of the monitor stopped. He looked at the monitor. There were still expressions of astonishment mixed with fear on his face.
Suddenly, a ghostly wind started flowing violently in the room. Though the wind was flowing, Sam was sweating badly. Ghostly images started appearing on the monitor. Sam did not understand what was happening. Whatever was happening was out of his grasp and understanding. At last, a beautiful image of Nancy came appeared on the monitor. Though the image was beautiful and attractive, a wave of fear still ran through the detective’s body. Slowly, the image started to turn into a ghostly one. Again, a big blow of air came. The magnitude of the blow was so high that Sam fell onto the ground. He could not bear the shower of the blow as his limbs were already weakened with the fear. While he had fallen onto the ground, he realized that he was losing consciousness. Before becoming unconscious, he saw two big tears dropping down the face of the ghostly image which was Nancy. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. Truly horrifying episode this is!...evn I m having goosebumps all over my body...good dt I m reading it in d daytime or else hd it been nightym images of Nancy wud hv troubld me 2 though I hvn't seen hr anyday...haha!

  2. this episode totally the creepy one ! my heart beat faster when i'm reading this chapter . it takes me several minutes to click on the link "next chapter" . very nice novel !

  3. i am palpitating to every creepy scene... i sometimes could predict what wil happen nxt yet it's not the thing happened... really exciting!


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