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Chapter 41

Sam and his associates were still gathered around Anthony. Anthony’s resistance was finished. Two of Sam’s associates had handcuffed him and were standing beside him. Anthony was bombarded with a series of questions from Sam, yet everyone was curious to know one specific question. Why had he killed those four culprits? The subsequent enquiry be conducted later on, but they were desperate to know the answer of this specific question at least. 
Anthony also realized that there was no other way out than to speak up. He started to narrate his story - 

... These were John, Nancy and Anthony’s college days. A teacher was teaching and amongst the students Nancy, John, Mary and Anthony were sitting. Anthony stole a glance at Nancy. Anthony got upset when he then saw Nancy sharing a glance with John. 
Anthony was the top student of the class...
Most of the girls would be glad to be his girlfriend...
But the one who stole my heart is ignoring me...
His ego was crushed. 
No, it was not possible...
Maybe she is unaware of the fact that I love her..
I must find some way to reveal it to her... 
When she would come to know it, automatically, she would start loving me...
Or at least Anthony hoped.

It was the afternoon. The college had just finished and Nancy was going home. Anthony followed her quickly, trying to catch her. As he was within reach, he called out loudly,


As she heard the voice coming from her behind, she turned to see Anthony. Anthony ambled and joined her. 

“Yes?!” she replied, looking at him with surprise, because, generally, he never used to talk to her. 

Yet today was the exception; he was not only talking to her but also running behind her trying to catch up with her. She had made a special impression on him as he was top in the class. Not only she, but of all the girls in the class used to have a special regard for him.

“Actually I want to tell you something important” he said.

Nancy looked at him, trying to read his expressions and continued walking. He also walked with her. 

“Actually ...” he tried to select the proper words, “I mean... I want to propose you. Will you marry me?” He selected the important words and spoke out immediately. 

She never expected that he would come out with such nonsense. 
He must be joking...
She again regarded his face, trying to interpret his emotions.
From his face, at least, it was evident that he was not joking ...

“I am deadly serious” he said, sensing her confusion.

Again, she tried to judge him. She knew him very well, as they were classmates. She was well aware of his nature. Generally, he was shy and joking on such topic was not his style. Nancy was exactly opposite. She was outspoken. Therefore she spoke out immediately, about her feeling about him. She never thought of anybody else other than John as she loved him very much. 

“Anthony, I am sorry but ...I can’t” she said.

Anthony got a huge shock, as he never expected this. 
Anthony looked at her face still in shock.
How can she so easily dismiss me?
His ego was completely shattered.

“But why?” he asked in irritation.

She started to walk fast. He again ambled to join her.

“Look, I am top of the class. After college, I am planning to do research in Neurology. I have a bright future ahead of me. If I could get a nice partner like you, I am sure I will progress much more” he tried to convince her.

“Anthony, you are nice and a bright young man. But I just can’t think of marrying you” she tried to console him.

“You know... I love you.” Now he was pleading.

“Still, I can’t” she said.

“But, why? ...” he shouted angrily.

“Because I love somebody else...” she said.

Nancy continued walking and Anthony waited back looking at her in frustration and despair.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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