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Online Novels – Aghast Ch 34 Did the puzzle solve?

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Chapter 34

Sam was sipping his morning tea leisurely, sitting in the foyer. He was watching TV, but his mind was more focused, probably about the serial killer case. The speed with which his thoughts were running was quicker than Sam changing through the channels. Finally, he stayed on a cartoon channel. For a while, he watched the cartoon to ease him from his tensions. He then switched over to the Discovery Channel as the programme seemed to attract his interest. He kept aside the remote and started to watch the channel with keen interest.

On the Discovery Channel, a program was being shown about a mouse. The mouse wore a belt and miniature wires were connected to its head. 

The anchor narrated, "Whenever a living organism makes an action, it is inspired by a signal to its brain. If we are successful in giving similar signals from outside the brain, we will be able to control the organism and can instruct the animal to do various activities."

A computer was then shown on TV. A scientist was sitting across from the computer. Sam was still watching the program with interest. The scientist sitting across from the computer talked.
"Through this computer, we will transmit various signals to the chip, which sits on the mouse neck. Through that chip, the signal will be transferred to the mouse’s brain. Accordingly, the mouse will act. "

The mouse was shown closely on the TV, with a minute chip clipped onto its neck. 
Sam, astonished, with his mouth open, stared at the TV. 

The scientist talked further.
"There can be plenty of instructions and corresponding signals. Right now, we are successful in giving only a few instructions to the mouse." 

It then showed the computer software running. The scientist operated the software and pressed the ‘right’ button with a mouse pointer.
The mouse turned right and started running. Subsequently, the scientist pressed the ‘stop’ button with a mouse pointer. The mouse abruptly stopped. He then pressed the ‘left button’ and the mouse turned left and started running in that direction. Next, he pressed the ‘jump button’ and as a result of which, the mouse jumped whilst running. When he pressed the ‘stop button’ again, the mouse stopped in front of some food. As he pressed the ‘eat button’, the mouse started eating the snacks in front of it. Now and again, he pressed the ‘stop’ button and the mouse would stop eating. At last, the scientist pressed the ‘attack’ button, the mouse started biting and rupturing the food in front of it aggressively. 

Suddenly a flash of thought came into Sam’s mind. He was recalling the past incidences one by one...

When the two police team members, Richard and Eric, were monitoring each and every activity in Ronald’s house on the CCTV, a black cat had jumped on a square box kept in the corner and the monitors went blank. And when they reached Richard's bedroom, they found him dead. 

Sam then got up slowly. He remembered the next incidence.

When the detective went around to Ronald's bedroom for investigation, he bent down and checked under Ronald’s bed. He found two shining terrible eyes staring at him. 
Then the eyes started moving closer to him and suddenly the eyes came abruptly towards him as if the thing was about to jump on him. At that time, he defended himself by moving aside and found that the eyes belonged to a black cat, which ran out of the door. 

Now every puzzle was becoming solved in Sam's mind. 
Now, I should waste no more time...
I must hurry...
Detective Sam darted out of his house for the next course of action. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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1 comment:

  1. Sam realy has got a curious bent of mind n accept no things blindly until n unles he's fully convincd abt it...he is confidnt that there can't b any black magic bt science behind d mystery...!!


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