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Operation Part-II CH-37 Online Entertainment - Novel - Aghast

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Chapter 37

Richard, Eric, and Sam were looking at a CCTV monitor on which the activities of the cat were visible. Before Richard could explain to Sam what was going on, Eric took charge of the computer. Richard kept looking at Eric, trying hard not to show any expressions on his face. On the computer monitor, a city map was visible. A red spot showed continuous blinking at one place.
Eric pointed at that spot.

''The signals are coming from this location."

"What’s the distance between where the signals are coming from to this location?" Sam asked.

Eric keyed in some statistics to get an answer. But by the time he had finished typing, Richard was ready with the answer, "Sir, it is around five kilometers to the east of this place." 

"Give or take a few meters" Eric added. 

Richard again looked at Eric with a look of disgust. 

Sam stood outside the house, his mobile in his hand. He instructed his team, 
“Right, I want you all to remember your positions. We've only got one chance at this. If we mess up, then we don't know what he might do. So all units are designated to protect this house keep watch. I don't want anyone getting in or out. The rest of you come and assemble at the cars.”

Around 15 police team members assembled at the cars. Sam was instructing the police officers. “We have got the place from where the killer is operating. Therefore, we are dividing our team into two. Firstly, a team of 7 people have their job of protecting Christopher... And the remaining 8, that is you and me... We have to execute the second part of the plan... that is to catch the killer”

Sam walked towards his jeep.
“Now all of you quickly get to the killer's house.” 

Everybody rushed towards their cars.

A group of cars ran speedily rising up a big cloud of dust, which settled down slowly, as all cars were gone. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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