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Signal blocker CH-38 Horror Suspense Thriller - Novel - Aghast

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Chapter 38

In Christopher's guest room, which was converted into a surveillance room, Eric was operating a computer. Richard looked at him.

"It’s surprising" Richard said.

" What is?" Eric asked.

"Sam has gone yet still you are working hard at it" Richard said sarcastically.

" No, I am checking how the signal can be stopped so at least I can get home at some point tonight" Eric snapped.

Richard snatched the keyboard from him. 

"Hey! I am just kidding" Eric clarified.

Suddenly, a beeping started from the control board. Both of them looked at the control panel and then to the TV screen. 
On TV, it was showing the cat near the bedroom.

“It seems that the cat has reached the signal-blocking region” Richard stated.

The beeping sound started making noise  more intensely.

“Look, the cat has reached the signal-blocking region!” Richard said and picked up the phone. Yet before Richard could say anything, Eric snatched it from him. Richard could not do anything other than to look at him with a frown on his face. 

“Sir, the cat has reached the signal-blocking region.” Eric informed Sam.

“O.K. Just keep monitoring it” Sam said from other end.

“Yes, sir”

“I am just around the corner. I will take care of the killer here and both of you look after the situation there” Sam instructed him.

“Yes, sir” Eric said.

The phone was then disconnected from the other end.

“Now the killer’s instruction will not reach the cat” Richard said with enthusiasm, looking at the monitor.

On the CCTV, it was showing that the cat was confused, not able to move forward or backward. 
Suddenly, the cat erupted into a huge explosion. The explosion was so intense that their cabin also shook. Everything in the cabin vibrated. 
The computer and the CCTV went off. It was an unexpected shock for both of them. They both then got up quickly, confused and scared. 

“What the hell just happened?” Eric asked, terrified.

He was so scared that he was breathing heavily. 

“Is it a terrorist attack?’’ Eric asked, trying to control his heavy breath.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Didn’t you see... the cat explode?!” Richard asked.
Richard now darted towards the door. 

“Come on, quick! Let’s go and check it out” Richard said whilst leaving the room.

When they reached Christopher’s bedroom, they saw it had exploded completely. The bedroom was no more a bedroom. The bricks, walls, cupboards and furniture were littered everywhere. 
From the debris, the partial, upper portion of Christopher’s body was visible. They removed him from the debris and checked his pulse. He was dead.

Now Richard and Eric turned their attention to the other parts of the house, where their colleagues were posted. Some of their colleagues were lying injured. They ran to their aid.

When Eric came out of the shock, he composed himself, removed his phone from his pocket and dialled a number. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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1 comment:

  1. No matter whoever the killer was,whether it was George controlin the cat from the lock-up or the spirit of John, did it absolutely right in punishing the culprits in this brutal way...!! Now d soul of Nancy n John can rest in peace...!


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