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Chapter 48

Christopher, Ronald, Paul, Steven, and Anthony were drinking together and emptying their glasses one after the other. Christopher and his three friends were at their peak. However, Anthony was drinking with caution. 

"So, Anthony, why are you roaming around so late at night?" Steven asked, patting him on his back. 

He seemed to be sufficiently drunk. 

"I actually came to you, regarding the treat." Taking the opportunity, Anthony went straight to the point.

"Which treat?" Paul asked. 

He probably didn't understand or he was pretending so.

"He is talking about the girl." Ronald made it clear before Anthony could speak.

"By the way, did you enjoy the treat?" Anthony asked.

Everybody became serious. Anthony looked at their faces in confusion.

"Look, the treat was good initially but at the end…" 

"You know, it happens sometimes that initially the food tastes nice but, in the end, it starts tasting sour because of the settled salt at the bottom" Ronald completed Anthony's sentence.

"I don’t understand what you're talking about" Anthony said looking at them in confusion.

Steven looked at Christopher and asked, "Shall we?"

" Why not? He has the right to know! He is our partner in the act" Christopher said.

" What act?" Anthony couldn't wait to ask.

" Murder" Ronald said coldly.

" Don’t say 'murder'! It was an accident" Paul interrupted him. 

Anthony’s face became pale.

"Did you kill the girl?" Anthony somehow managed to ask.

" We-We killed the girl" Christopher corrected him.

" Excuse me? Where do I stand in this?" Anthony tried to make his position clear. 

"Look, if the police catch us, they will ask who gave us the information about the girl." Ronald said.

"Then even if we don’t want to tell them, we'll have to." Paul completed the remainder of the sentence.

"Our friend Anthony has helped us" Steven added.

" You are involving me unnecessarily." Anthony took the defensive stance. 

"Hey! One thing will be funny." Christopher said smiling darkly.

"What?" Ronald asked.

"If police hang us, we will not have much objection! We tasted the cream! But this poor fellow will be hanged without a single taste" Christopher said.

Everybody except Anthony burst out laughing.

"Actually, I came here to get $2000 from each of you, but you people…" Anthony said.

" Hey, forget about it now. If everything would have gone according to the plan, in that case, we would have given you the money. But, the girl got killed..." Ronald tried to convince him. 

"Accidentally" Steven added.

"Now, to manage all this, the money will be required which we were going to give you" Ronald said.

"In fact, we were about to ask for some more money from you to settle the case."

Everybody except Anthony burst out laughing. 
Anthony’s face frowned. Angrily, he got up and walked off, slamming back the door behind him. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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