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This Novel in English

Daniel, around 22 years of age, a fashionable, skittish guy, was waiting for Suzan sitting on his bike. His bike was continuously roaring and vomitting smoke.

Daniel stared at Suzan, as he saw her rushing out of the house. They shared a tender smile. As she approached, Daniel buckled the helmet and swiveled the accelerator, pressing hard his left foot on the break.
When Suzan was about to sit, Daniel released breaks.

"Wait ... Wait...Are you nuts? ... Let me sit right first." Suzan grumbled angrily.

Daniel looked back, abruptly stopped bike. Suzan collided with him, hitting her front tooth to his helmet. She inspected her tooth with pain, "Uuuu..."

"Ooh... I am sorry" Daniel apologized

"You know ... You are such an asshole... I don’t know how I fell in love with you." Suzan said in irritation.

"I am so sorry. " He was again and again apologizing to her.

Suzan sat right, sneaked a look at her house over her shoulder. Daniel waited for her signal. She waited for him to start bike, at last tapped on his shoulder and said, " Mr. Daniel Cantor."

Daniel looked back innocently, " Ya...."

"...Let’s go... Dear" She said sarcastically.

Daniel changed the gear and drove off with speed.

When the bike stabilized, running with constant speed, Daniel peeked at Suzan from the corner of his eyes. They shared delightful smile. Suzan slipped closer and held him firmly.

Continued ...

Original Novel By Sunil Doiphode
English Version By Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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