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Court Statement : CH 51 English Novel - Aghast

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Chapter 51

Sam was still on the ground in the warehouse. But now he was out of the trance-like state. Immediately, he looked at the monitor. The computer was turned off. He looked around in the warehouse. Outside, it was quite a morning and now, inside the warehouse, there was sufficient light. The wild breeze of air had stopped for now.
Sam got up. He held a broken frame lying beside him and looked at it. It was a group photo of the four killers and Anthony.
Now he understood every single thing clearly that he heard earlier. While he was lying unconscious, a series of scenes passed before his eyes, probably what Nancy wanted to tell him. 
But why should she need tell it to anyone?
Because she could achieve what she wanted in spite of not disclosing anything to anybody.... 
Why she would have chosen me to disclose it?
Certainly there must be some valid reason.
Certainly she must have some purpose...

The hearing for Anthony's case was going on from quite a long time. Every day, Sam used to sit in court and used listen to the hearing. When the proceedings of the case used to continue, a question used to always trouble him:  Why she would have chosen him to tell her story?
Does she want me to tell all those in the court?
But who would believe me even if I did?
On the other hand, listening to such superstitious things from me, they would call me crazy...
Not only that but they may doubt my overall capability to handle this responsible position as a detective...
He thought deeply. Yet today, he didn't want to be absorbed in thoughts. Today he wanted to listen to the court proceedings thoroughly, as today the result of the case was going to be declared. 
Anthony sat in a chair and looked at the judge. All the spectators looked at the judge and waited for the final judgment curiously. Amongst the spectators was Sam looking at the judge also.
The judge declared his final judgment -

"Taking into account the circumstantial evidences, mainly the statement given by Mr. Anthony Clark, the court arrives at the conclusion that Mr. Anthony Clark is guilty of murdering Mr. Steven Smith, Mr. Paul Roberts, Mr. Ronald Parker and Mr. Christopher Anderson. The murders were executed in a well-planned, intentional manner.... Therefore, the court orders the death sentence for Mr. Anthony Clark."
The relatives of the victims who were murdered by Anthony were happy with the judgment, while most of the people were unhappy, as Anthony was still hero for them. Nancy's brother was one of them who were unhappy; he immediately left the court. Detective Sam listened to the judgment without any reaction in particular. He was neither happy nor sad. But the question he was troubled with since so long, seemed to be solved today. 

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. Will Anthöny's true character be revealed to all n sundry now...wil Sam be able 2 convince people,esp 2 George that Anthony was d main culprit behind Nancy's murder...?? ...


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