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English Fiction Books - Black Hole CH:3 Tour of memories

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This Novel in English

A car was running speedily on a road. Jacob was driving the car and Stella was sitting next to him. Car sped through the traffic, taking sharp turns. While looking ahead, she stole a look at him. As he looked back at her, she averted and looked straight ahead again. While looking ahead she went on remembering the recent incidences and her recent memories...

Gibson, who was mostly in his 30’s, Stella and Suzan, all were seated at a dining table, having breakfast. Partially finished breakfast plates were lying in front of them.
Gibson had long curly hair, and striking, intelligent eyes that had squinted from years of intense study. He ate a spoonful and continued with leafing through the folder in his other hand. Stella seemed to be well conversed with Gibson’s reading habits; as she did not bother about his reading at breakfast. On the other end of the table Suzan was drowned in her thoughts, though having breakfast.

While leafing through his file, Gibson glanced at Suzan.

" How is college? " He asked her unexpectedly.

Suzan still immersed, suddenly fumbled out of her thoughts. She did not know what to do to hide her expressions, took a mouthful, and tried to swallow it quickly.

"Ahh...Good... Good... I mean fine.." Suzan replied with chocked voice.

Stella giggled looking at Suzan's fumbling and confusion.
Gibson glanced at Stella and Suzan and continued reading through his folder.

"He is asking about college, not about breakfast" Stella said in teasing tone, smiling at her.

"Of course, I am talking about my breakfast ... I mean college." Suzan said, trying to sound normal.
Stella laughed again, this time loudly.

"It’s pretty clear from your face" Stella still was not ready to leave her.

Suzan made sure that Gibson’s attention was not at her. Gibson still was absorbed and lost into his folder. Suzan stared at Stella widening her eyes. She pretended to be angry and mouthed, 'just keep quiet'.

Outside, there was a continuous hard beeping of a bike horn. Suzan alertly peeked through the window. She saw her friend Daniel sitting on a bike waited at the gate and gazing at the window. As they shared each other's look he stopped beeping.
Stella winked at Suzan and said in teasing tone,

"Suzan, don’t you think you are running late."

Suzan got up, leaving partially finished breakfast. She rushed, trying to hide her smirk.

Suzan picked up her books and bolted toward the front door.

"Bye Stella, bye Brother" Suzan said while leaving.

Gibson peeked through his eye corners, " Hmmm ... Bye..."

" Bye honey ... Take care." Stella said smiling and teasing.

Suzan abruptly stopped, turned, and smiled at Stella. She made face at Stella like 'I will beat you later'. Stella smiled mischievously. Suzan walked off.

Continued ...

Original Novel BySunil Doiphode
English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. I like d the character of Suzan very much,she is a typical jealous girl,I guess.

  2. Stella always gets pixilated.

  3. reading is a good habit which keeps a man aware of different cultures and gives us also pleasure.