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Neurology CH 49 Horror Suspense Thriller Novel - Ad-Bhut

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Chapter 49

Anthony was sitting at his computer. A black cat, with a black belt on her neck, was playing around. Pieces of wires, cat belts and electronic components were placed around on Anthony’s table. Neurological brain diagrams were stuck up on the wall. 
Anthony swiftly pressed a few keypads and mouse buttons and a software opened on the computer screen. The software had various menus, buttons and text boxes. Anthony pressed on the ‘Attack’ button. Suddenly, the cat playing nearby attacked the teddy bear in front of her. She attacked it in such a wild way that she tore it into small pieces. When the cat was tearing the teddy bear, Anthony was proudly staring at her. As the cat finished, a winning smile crept over Anthony’s face. 
Suddenly, there was some sound at the door. Anthony left everything and went to it. As he opened the door, he saw a newspaper fall on the ground. He grabbed it and closed the door, whilst leafing through the newspaper. Suddenly, something in the newspaper caught his attention. He came to the computer, reading the news seriously.
He sat on a chair and began reading carefully. The news he was reading had the heading 'Nancy’s brother files case against four culprits’ and below the heading were four photos of Christopher, Ronald, Paul, and Steven, visible. 
Anthony kept the newspaper on the table in front of him and pondered over it. He remembered the incident when he had gone to them to ask for the money after Nancy's murder...
"Did you kill the girl?" Anthony somehow managed to ask.

"We-we killed the girl" Christopher corrected him.

" Excuse me? Where do I stand in this?" Anthony tried to make his position clear. 

"Look, if the police catch us, they will ask who gave us the information about the girl" Ronald said.

"Then even if we don’t want to tell we'll have to" Paul completed the sentence.

"Our friend Anthony has helped us" Steven added.

"You are involving me unnecessarily" Anthony took a defensive stance. 

"Hey, one thing will be funny." Christopher said smiling darkly.

"What?" Ronald asked.

"If the police hang us, we will not have much objection. We tasted the cream” But this poor fellow will be hanged without a single taste" Christopher said.

Everybody except Anthony burst out laughing.
... Anthony came out of his flashback. 
If the case continues, at some point in time or the other, Christopher, Ronald, Paul and Steven would pull me into the case...
No! That should not happen...
I should find some way out...
Whilst thinking, Anthony looked at the cat playing around. A suspenseful smile crept over his face. 
If I finish them all...
A stitch in time saves nine...

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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