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This Novel in English

It was a glorious morning in the small colony, nestled in the greenery. The Sun was rising. Atmosphere around the colony was filled with a freshness and enthusiasm, sweet chirping sound of birds added melody to it. Tall trees in and around the colony were swaying with a chilling breeze.

Few pedestrians were out for morning walk. Some residents were jogging and few running bicycles seemed to be racing with each other.

A small sweet bungalow was nestled in the middle of the colony with lawn and small garden around. The rising flowers in the garden seemed to be competing with each other. A bicycle stopped in front of the gate. Paperboy tossed a paper pack aiming at the front door. The paperboy was about to turn to leave, when a car arrived at the gate. Jacob, a tall handsome and muscular young man, in his thirties, got down. Jacob playfully patted on paperboy's head. Paperboy smiled in return and steered further.

Inside the Bungalow, in a hall, a beautiful but stern lady Stella, around 27-28 years of age, dialed a phone number. Though her serious face showed lot of worries and concerns, her face radiated and shined with a special aura. The dark circles around her eyes depicted the problems she was going through recently. A young, smart college girl, around 20-21 years of age, Suzan, stood beside her attentively.

" Is this Dr Franklin? " Stella asked over phone when the phone got connected.

" Mrs. Stella Fernandez, Dr. Gibson Fernandez’s wife " She introduced herself to the other side.
When the phone conversation was going on, the Doorbell rang. Stella gestured Suzan to check at the front door.

Suzan headed for the front door and Stella continued her conversation, " No this is regarding the research you were working on..."

When Suzan opened the front door, Her eyes widened with amazement, seeing Jacob standing in front of her.

" You? ... The other day.."

" I am Gibson’s friend, is Stella in?" Jacob said, cutting her in between.

Suzan turned and looked at Stella.
Taking the opportunity, Jacob entered the foyer and stood beside Stella. Suzan kept on looking at him annoyingly, while he entered.

"... I may trouble you sometime again..." Stella's conversation over phone could be heard.

" Sorry..."

" Thank you" Stella said off the response from other side and hung on. From her gloomy face it was evident that the purpose for which she phoned was not met up with.

Seeing Jacob standing beside her, Stella stared at him and Suzan alternatively with quizzical look.

"Hi, I am Jacob, Gibson’s friend." Before she could say anything Jacob introduced himself.

"Hi.." Stella responded.

Suddenly a transparent crystal tied on Jacob's wrist caught Stella's attention. She adoringly looked at it.

" Did we meet before?" Jacob asked her.

" I don’t think." Stella said trying to recall.

"Any way some or the other meeting has to be the first time.... In fact, Gibson never introduced us...I mean such occasion did not come ever before." Jacob said.

"Have a seat please." Stella said, realizing that she even did not offer him to sit.

Jacob sat down and Stella sat in a sofa across from him.

"Actually, I want to talk something very important." Jacob said.

Curiosity spread over Stella’s face. Suzan was still present there. Jacob glanced at Suzan with discomfort. Immediately she left the foyer.

He looked straight into Stella's eyes and said, "However, you need to come with me? "

"Where?" She asked in hesitation and surprise.

Jacob got up. He looked at a photograph of Stella and her husband together kept on a table.

" Just, have trust... its regarding the worries you are going through recently" Jacob said and headed to the front door. Stella got up and followed him.

Continued ...

Original Novel By Sunil Doiphode
English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. I really want to know that what will happen next?

  2. every one has a dream of a sweet bunglow in small colony

  3. Action speaks lowder than words.
    Stella realized it from the impediment look Jacob gave her was apparently telling her not show her interest in their conversation.

  4. I eager to Continue What Next ?

  5. this is amaazing story i really appreciated by this
    rahul sharma indore sgsits