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Online Novel: Black Hole: CH-1: The well

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This Novel in English

It was evening. A huge old castle stood beside the road, surrounded by the dense trees. Sun had just set in the west and there were still its signs visible in the sky. There was a huge open space in front of the castle, and on the other side of the open space, there was dense wood. A gust of air flowed wildly and with the breeze the trees started swaying. Just next to the castle there was a narrow well, encircled with the wildly grown grass. It was evident from the condition of the well that it was not being used since long. Far from this castle, there was a village nestled at the bottom of a hill. It appeared that the people from the village generally avoided coming to the castle and the place around.

A Negro kid from the village, Frank, around 7-8 years of age, black but quite cute, was playing around with his calf. In fact he brought his calf for feeding nearby in the adjacent farms. The calf also seemed to be affectionate about the boy. When the boy used to caress him, he used to run away jumping like a spring bug. While running and jumping with fun, the calf entered in the castle premises. Frank also followed him. As Frank entered the castle premises, a wave of panic pierced his body, as he was warned by his parents not to enter this premises. But as the calf entered, he just followed him to protect him.

He called out, while running behind the calf, " Gavin... stop"

They used to call him 'Gavin' lovingly.
By this time the calf not only entered the premises, but also started to go to the well adjacent to the castle, passing across the open space in front of the castle.

" Gavin don't go there..." Frank again warned him.

But the calf was not ready to listen. He reached the well and climbed the rock heap circled around the well.

Now Frank was getting concerned about the calf, for he had heard so many dreadful stories about the well. He heard that an animal once fallen in the well had never returned. And whoever tried to bring them back had also never returned. That might be the reason why they called it as a 'Black hole'. Frank stopped, as if frozen.

May be, the calf is running since he is running behind him...

He thought.
And if he keeps on running like this, for sure he is going to fall in the well...
Though Frank stopped running, yet the calf didn't want to come down.Now he also started walking around the well.

Frank was totally clueless about what to do next. He looked around, to find nothing other than the tall dreadful old walls of the castle, and the dense trees around. Now he started to feel terrified. Till now he had just heard about the castle and the black hole, but now for the first time, he had come in the premises. People said it was dreadful, but it was even more dreadful than it.  But he was so attached to the calf that he would never go leaving him alone. Frank slowly approached the edge of the well. The calf was standing on the other edge. Suddenly he saw that a rock slipped from below the calf's foot and trembled into the well.

" Gavin..." Frank screamed again.

Though the rock fell in the well but it didn't produce any sound. Frank went still closer to the edge and looked inside. The edge was visible till some distance but then there was neither an edge nor bottom of the well that was visible. There was only dark, the dark stretching to infinity. Probably this might be another reason, why people called it a black hole. Suddenly again another rock slipped on which one foot of the calf was resting. The rock fell in the well, but this time unfortunately the calf also fell in the well followed by the rock.

" Gavin...'' Frank cried.

This time the rock and the calf disappeared in the well, in the black limitless vaccum. There was neither sound nor the sign of the existence of the calf. Frank was shocked, not knowing what to do. He looked into the well, in a hope that he could see his beloved calf, and was crying moaning ‘ Gavin... Gavin’

It was since long, Frank was looking in the well stooping over the edge. Now his tears were dried up. He realized that his beloved ‘Gavin’ was never going to come back. The area around the well and the castle seemed to be appearing more dreadful now as it was getting late and was getting dark. Frank got up and started to return to home with heavy heart.

Frank must have reached around hundred feet from the well, when he sensed something behind. A wave of fear entered his body. He started to walk as fast as possible, so that he could get out of the area quickly. Suddenly a voice came from his behind. He abruptly stopped.

It is the known voice...

Gathering courage, he turned to look back. And what a surprise! It was his beloved Gavin who was running to reach him making his peculiar sound ‘Hamba... Hamba...’

“ Gavin..’’, Frank's face beamed up with happiness.

But how did it happen?...

Frank was least bothered about the cause, as this moment the most important thing for him was that he has got his Gavin back, and nothing more he would have desired at that moment. He opened his arms and desperately hugged Gavin and started kissing him all over.

Continued ...

Original Novel BySunil Doiphode
English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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