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Chapter 50

Anthony decided to finish up and close the matter as early as possible, wanting to save his own skin. He had decided firmly what he had to do and what his strategy would be. But before that, he decided to meet Nancy's brother. He knew him on account of being Nancy's classmate. How much George knew about the whole thing, and from who he knew it, he wanted to know. And the most important, he wanted to check whether George was suspicious about him or not. 

Anthony went to George’s house. As he was about to press the doorbell, he heard a strange shrieking sound from the inside. He startled and did not press the doorbell. 
There seems to be something serious going on inside...
He went near the window and peeped in....
Inside the house, in the foyer, George held a doll, again, making the strange shrieking sound. The silence formed after the shriek seemed to be eerie. 
Anthony was still looking into the house from the window. He tried to understand what was going on inside the foyer. He thought it must be some sort of black magic. Yet he never believed in such magic. He started carefully observing the things inside.

"I hope you’re ready to die Steven" George said to the doll. 

Suddenly, George changed his voice and started to speaking in a doll’s voice, as if the doll was pleading with him. 

"No. I don’t want to die, George. I apologize. I'm very sorry. I can do anything for you, please forgive me."

"You can do anything?... Can you bring back my sister?" George spoke again, this time in his own voice.

"No! How can I do that? It’s not within my reach. Other than that, ask anything. I assure you I will give it to you" George said again, changing his voice as if the doll was talking. 

"You can do anything for me? Then be ready... to give me your life" George said sinisterly.
Anthony was witnessing the whole thing going on inside from the window. Suddenly, a thought struck him. A menacing smile spread over Anthony's face. He left the window and went to the door without pressing the doorbell.

... continued ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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