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This Novel in English

Stella’s door bell rang. She went to front and opened the door to find Gibson standing in the door. As the door opened, he directly entered the house without giving her attention. Stella constantly stared at him. His face was gloomy with beard grown of 3-4 days.

“ Where were you?” She asked.

He did not speak.

“ Neither phone nor message... “ She continued.

Still Gibson kept going in without any response.

“I am not talking to walls.” Stella said in irritation.

Still he was silent.

“Gibson...please...I am talking to you.” She said blocking his way.

Gibson stopped and responded, without looking at her,
“ It’s better if we talk later ...Can’t you see this moment I am in hurry.”

Gibson entered the bedroom. Stella kept staring at him until he entered the bedroom.
She was surprised of the sudden change in his behavior. He never behaved with her so rudely.

Stella was busy preparing break fast in the kitchen. She broke an egg, striking gently over the pan edge, poured the yolk and spread it evenly. She stopped making omelet when she heard the main door slam.

Did Gibson go out?...

But how can he go without informing me?..

She bolted to the main door, leaving behind the kitchen work as it was. On the way she found the bedroom door open and a charcoal sketch fallen on the ground. Curiously she went in and picked up the sketch. As she stood, something in the room caught her attention. A loud scream came out of her mouth. Animal skull was sitting on the table in the corner. She sprinted out, saw Gibson going out. Gibson headed for his car. Stella almost ran at him,

“Where are you going? “

“And, what the hell is that skull in the bedroom?” She said in anger off his silence.
Gibson kept on going.

“For God’s sake, will you speak out something?” She almost cried grumpily.
Gibson stopped.

“I will be back soon.” He said coolly and continued to walk towards the car.

As he walked towards the car, Stella got stunned. She saw that in the sunlight, the shadow of the car was falling on the ground, but Gibson’s shadow was missing. A wave of fear ran through her body. First time she was seeing such a phenomenon. She wanted to speak but she was unable to, as if her tongue was frozen inside her tight and locked jaw. Within seconds she was completely drenched out of sweat. She looked at him and again on the ground where there should have been his shadow fallen. It was true, his shadow was missing.

He got in the car, started the car, slamming back the car door.

When Stella came out of the shock, she called out him loudly, “Gibson”

Gibson was drowned in his thoughts. He was not able to listen to her nor did he want to listen. He drove away in full speed, without looking back, not even once.

“Gibson ...listen”

Stella rushed up to the compound gate.


But the car reached the far end of the road. She ran few yards behind the speedily departing car. After some time, the car was out of her sight.

Tonight Gibson again went to the well. He stood near the edge of the well and leaned to look in. He focused his torch flash inside the well but it was black and dark right through. He took few steps back and suddenly jumped in the well. No sound, everything was silent - horrifying silence, piercing the black darkness of the well.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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