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This Novel in English

When Stella came out of her thoughts she found Jacob was driving the car and she was sitting beside him on the front seat. She looked ahead on the road. Jacob glanced at her with mischievous look.

"Just few days back, Gibson came to me." Jacob said.

" You? .... He met you?" Stella asked in puzzle.

With wide eyes, she looked at him, anticipating his answer.
He just nodded.

" In what connection?" She asked.

But Jacob didn't answer; he just concentrated on driving as if he didn't listen.

It would not be proper to disturb him while driving...

She thought and again continued to look ahead on the road. While looking ahead she again lost into her past...

... Stella and Brat sat across each other in the drawing room. Brat was a casual fat police officer around thirty-five, not with much height, but sufficient, which was required to join police force. Stella was lost in void, slowly came to present. He was carefully studying her expressions and actions.

" So.. what were you telling?" Brat took some notes on his writing pad and extended his hand to pick up a glass filled with water.

She looked at Brat. Their eyes met. Brat took a gulp from a glass of water.
Stella sighed in despair and continued,
" I went on calling him... But he did not look back ... not even once ... Now it’s almost a week.... He neither came nor called... "

Brat, who was about to keep the glass of water back on the table, held the glass in air for a while and asked,
" Since then, did somebody ring up for him? "

"No." Stella replied.

Brat looked at her, kept back the glass of water on the table. He then scanned through the portraits hung in the room. A photograph of a college girl caught his attention.

"Who is she? " Brat asked.

"Suzan ... my sister - in - law" Stella replied.

"What does she do?" Brat asked gazing at the photograph.

"MBA, last year "

"Can I talk to her? " Brat asked, etching his temple.

"Suzan." Stella loudly called in.

"..I mean in private." Brat interrupted to add.

Understanding his intent, Stella got up and heavily started to go in.

"Just a minute." She said while going in.

Brat kept looking at Stella going in slowly.


Original Novel By Sunil Doiphode
English Version By Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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