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Books collection - Black Hole CH-16 A Shadow

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This Novel in English

Stella was walking alone on the road. She looked ahead. There was nobody till the far end of the road. She turned and looked at the back. There was nobody on the other end of the road too. Still she kept walking ahead, to see an old castle standing in the middle of the wildly grown farm, on the left side of the road. She started to walk towards the castle as if some hidden unknown power was forcing her to do that.

When Stella entered the castle, she saw big portraits hung on the wall. It seemed that every portrait was depicting some mystery. She found a prism shape sculpture on the wall; she touched and felt its warmth, as if she wanted to store the feeling in her heart, for ever.
Suddenly she sensed someone’s presence in the castle. She looked around, sensed a shadow moving forward. She followed the shadow, felt like it was of Gibson.

“Gibson.” she called out.

Suddenly, the shadow disappeared in the dark.

“Gibson.” She called out again, little louder this time.

Calling him, she raked through the whole passage, but neither could she find the shadow nor him.

From far end, she saw a movement in the main door of the castle. She bolted to the main door and peered out. She found some movement in the bushes out. Therefore she ran towards it. Suddenly, she stopped, realizing that she stood at the edge of a well surrounded by a pile of black rocks. She felt some movement behind her. She turned, to saw Gibson coming out of the castle. She started moving slowly towards him. All of a sudden, a bright light fell on him and Gibson’s shadow fell on the ground. She saw slowly his shadow disappearing. She ran towards him, but by the time she reached him, Gibson also got dissolved completely. She reached the place where he was standing. Where Gibson was standing, she found a crystal fallen on the ground. She picked up the crystal, looked at it and cried desperately in agony...

...Looking at her hands, Stella woke up, her face looked panic. There was nothing in her hands. She looked around; found herself in the bedroom lying on the bed. She realized that whatever was happening with her was a mere dream.

She got down from the bed, immediately felt that somebody was staring thorough window. She looked at the window. She realized that whoever was in the window, crouched down immediately. As she vigilantly started to approach the window, some image stood and ran away from the window. She was horrified now; she quickly ran towards the bedroom door.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. What a mysterious dream!!!