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English book - Black Hole CH - 18 Seashore

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This Novel in English

It was a chilling cold evening. There were so many lovely couples on the beach, enjoying the chilled beautiful environment. Suzan and Daniel walked along a sandy beach, their hands entangled. Both of them were looking straight far ahead, probably looking into their future days to come.

"Its since about fortnight, there is no whereabouts of brother." Suzan spoke, in serious mood.

Daniel looked at her trying to comprehend her emotions.

"Suzan, why do you worry? We are trying our best." Daniel was trying to boost her up.

"Though Stella looks normal, she is totally wrecked. I just can’t see her in such condition... some times she wakes up in the night and starts crying like a crazy kid" Suzan said.

"I am telling you right from the beginning..."

Suzan looked at him quizzically.

"...Listen to me, take her to some good psychiatrist, she badly needs counseling." Daniel completed his sentence.

Suddenly a person catches Suzan’s attention. The person attempting to look inconspicuous, seemed to watch them. He was pretending to read a newspaper sitting on a bench.

"Daniel ... look.... just look at that pretty asshole." Suzan said.

Daniel looked at him, their eyes met. Suddenly, that man hid his face behind the newspaper.

"Look he is pretending to read ... but the freak is continuously looking at us." Suzan said.

"Oh...Sitting in London plane, trying for New York "Daniel said sarcastically.

As they started to talk about him under their breath, the man got up slowly. He was Jacob. He left the place immediately pretending as if nothing had happened.

Sun had already set. Two images sat at the seashore; passionately holding each other with love. Both of them were enjoying the tender waves of the sea.

Daniel stared at Suzan, " Honey, I think it’s the right time to ask? "

"What? " Suzan asked.

Looking into her eyes, he asked, " When are we going to marry? "

Suzan pretended to be casual, stared at sea, " Let me think..."

"What?? What do you mean??" Daniel pushed her apart with surprise.

" Let me think, how much early as possible we can get married." Suzan said Smiling.

"Oh my sweet Suzie.", Delighted Daniel pulled her into his arms and started kissing her passionately.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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