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English Books - Black Hole CH-11 Time is money and space an asset

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The castle was not allowing Gibson to keep quiet, because tonight also, he came to the castle. When he entered the castle, at one place he found a big rock. Few moments he observed the rock and the place around and he tried to move the rock pushing with full force. With repeated attempts, at last he was successful in moving the rock. As it moved, he found a dark entrance leading in. He focused his torch, to see the mysterious cave inside. In fact the rock was sitting on the top of the entrance to the cave. Focusing his torch, he stepped in.

As he entered the cave, he moved around the torch flash.
It appeared that there were many physics laboratory apparatus, clumsily spread around. Paper pieces and charcoal drawings were littered all over the cave. In one corner a sand watch sat. The sand was still flowing, but damn slowly. The dust over equipments showed that they were neither used nor touched since long. Gibson walked across trying to avoid the obstacles coming in between.

Gibson focused the torch on the dusty rock wall; saw something blurred written on the wall. Due to accumulated dust it was not identifiable. Gibson cleared the dust.
 It read - ‘Time is money...’. Still there was something more written on the wall. He cleared the dust on the next portion. It read ‘...and space is an asset’
'Time is money and space is an asset’ Gibson again read the complete sentence. He felt, there was some deep meaning hidden in the phrase.

As Gibson turned, something fell on his head. He stepped back with panic. In torchlight, he saw a bulk of old, torn papers fallen on the ground. The papers were yellow and worn out. He picked up the bunch, started going through it. There were some algebraic expressions written and few pages showed figures. Now he started to go through them carefully. Slowly a smile, a smile of finding some treasure, started creeping over his face. As he went through further, the smile started widening. Slowly the smile became so wide that Gibson started appearing crazy.

Gibson stood very close to the edge of the well, never worried of falling down. He was still holding those documents in one hand. He glanced down leaning over the well.

He stepped back and focused torch on the documents. Again, the crazy smile spread over his face.


Original Novel By Sunil Doiphode

English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. The title is just perfect, I read it again and again: Time is money and space an asset.

  2. This novel is amazing i liked Authors script,he has got really nice hand in writing with such beautiful stories, more over i feel like i shouldn't stop at all.