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English fiction books - Black Hole CH-20 Dead body

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This Novel in English

Stella was scared, looked in, and searched for Jacob in the well. There was nothing, neither a sound nor a sign of Jacob.

It's strange that he has jumped in the well...

But now where is he?...

While Stella was looking in, with lot of worries on her face, suddenly without Stella’s knowledge, a hand slowly came from her behind and rested on her shoulder. Stella emitted a horrendous shriek. She turned and went away, as far as possible, from the reach of the hand, her eyes still closed.

"Don’t fear ... It’s me." She heard Jacob's voice.

Stella unbelievingly opened her eyes to find Jacob grinning in her face.

She sighed in relief and said, " Oh my god! You scared me so much that my heart was about to stop."

"See, I am totally safe. ...There is not a single injury."
Jacob said smiling.

Stella was still looking at her with her mouth open.

"Now you must prepare to jump." He insisted her off her silence.

"Where did you come from?" Stella asked, still with disbelief.

" It’s magic dear.. Just jump with me you will come to know everything. " Jacob said pretending and acting in narcissism.

At last Jacob prepared her mentally to jump in the well and led her at the edge of the well by holding her hand. She hesitatingly went with him. She followed him, still with reluctance. Stella jumped with him, tightly closing her eyes. Her crying voice vanished slowly as she was going down and then abruptly stopped.

Jacob and Stella found themselves fallen on the ground in the rocky den. It was deadly dark, therefore Jacob and Stella switched on their torches. They moved the torch flash around; over rocky walls of the den, rocky roof, and rock piles spread everywhere.

As Stella followed her torch flash, she screamed wildly. She hid herself in Jacob’s arms. Holding her in the arms, he focused his torch there. He dazed. It was a partially decomposed human body. Jacob sighed to overcome his panic.
"It’s just a skeleton... The people from the village vanished in this well, and were never able to come out." Jacob tried to overcome her panic too.

Stella was quite normalized now. She was still in Jacob arms. Jacob caressed through her hairs. She blushed, got up taking herself away from him. As soon as she got up, she screamed again, gluing to him.

"What’s wrong now? " Jacob said holding her tight.

Stella pointed at with her trembling finger. Jacob slid his attention in the direction of the pointed finger. An alarming waves ran thorough his body. The waist flesh of the dead body seemed to be eaten by some wild creature


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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