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English literature - Black Hole CH-21 Black hole within Black hole

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This Novel in English

Jacob and Stella were marching forward cautiously in the dark den focusing their torches; still a presence of wild creature was at the back of their minds.

"Where are we? " Stella asked.

Jacob focused the light on the rock on which it was carved as ‘A’.

" We are in the different world altogether,.. so many years ago, a physics scientist Dr. Steven Halls created this world." Jacob provided the information.

Stella was looking at him in astonishment, with her open mouth.

"Different world ... How come?" She asked.,

They seemed to be eased from the fear of the beast existing in the den.

"He created what he believed." Jacob said.

"Seems unbelievable" Stella said looking around in the den.

Jacob raked torchlight across the den. While moving the torch he focused it on the different wells and the rocks coming across. On the rocks sitting beside the wells it was sculptured as ‘A1’ 'A2’ ‘A3’ etc.

"It seemed like there are so many wells." Stella said.

"They are not simply wells. These are entry to the other worlds, black holes as the villagers say." Jacob explained.

"Black holes? ... Oh my god, black holes inside Black hole." Stella said with surprise.


"And, inside those black holes? " Stella asked with surprise and curiosity.

"Black holes again." Jacob said.

"Again black holes? ... Amazing!"

" How many times? There must be some end." Stella asked further.

"of course ...It seems that the scientist was able to create up to 5 nesting levels... A, B, C, D, and E" Jacob Answered.

"Five levels? ...I am just not able to believe this. In fact, nobody can believe." Stella was moved by the work of the scientist.

Jacob headed towards the well ‘A3’ (Level 1 black hole 3). Stella followed him.

"You know what. There is magic here inside. ...You want to see it?" Jacob asked trying to stretch her curiosity.

"Magic? ... This itself is not less than a magic." Stella said, lost in looking around.

"This is just nothing... I will show you the real stuff." Jacob said, taking her near the well labeled 'A3', holding her hand.

Jacob stopped, turned to face her, "Will you please remove your wristwatch?"

Stella looked at him with confusion.

"Just give me your wristwatch." He repeated.

Stella removed her wristwatch and handed over it to him.

Jacob matched it with his own wristwatch and adjusting the time in both watches he said, " See... now its ‘7.00pm’ in both the watches."

"What’s the magic in it?" Stella smiled and said jokingly

"Patience... the real stuff is yet to be started"

Stella pretended to be serious. Jacob smiled at her. They shared a tender smile.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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