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Suzan came out of the house with police officer Brat to walk him out. But he stopped at the door, may be he still wanted to ask something more. Suzan waited for him to talk, when they heard a roar of a bike stopping at the gate. The rider removed his helmet. It was Daniel, Suzan's friend. Seeing Brat and Suzan at the door, he waited there only, and kept sitting on the stopped bike. Brat looked at him with his inspecting gaze.

"Who is he? " Brat enquired.

"My friend ... Daniel" Suzan replied.

Brat stared at him strangely and whispered under his breath, " I see ...thirsty has rightly come to the well.

"What? ... Did you say something?" Suzan asked.

"No, Nothing." He replied sternly.

Brat turned to leave and stopped as if remembering something important, " Take care of Stella ... She is undergoing a shock very badly ... at least it ‘seems’ so."

It didn't escape from Suzan's realization that he had given more stress on the words 'seems’ than usual.

Brat was headed for the gate, when Suzan interrupted, "Seems’? ... What do you mean by ‘seems’? "

Brat abruptly stopped, smirked and turned to her.

"You know? Who is the greatest artist in the world? " Brat asked her unexpectedly.

Suzan looked at Brat in surprise, not knowing what he is talking about.
Brat walked few steps, stopped again and turning towards Suzan answered his own puzzle, "A criminal"
Brat walked out quickly not looking back even once.

When Brat went out of the gate, he stopped near Daniel, stared at him, holding his shoulder, made his collar right. Daniel was surprised at his strange behavior. Before Daniel could say anything, Brat stalked towards his jeep.
Daniel kept looking at him in surprise.

Brat sat in his jeep, closed the door slamming it hard and started the jeep. When the jeep departed Daniel kept looking at it, ignoring the dust and the smoke coming on his face.


Original Novel BySunil Doiphode
English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. Brat has more of the pernality of criminal investigator. And I like that.