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English Book - Black Hole CH-17 Door bang

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This Novel in English

Suzan was in sound sleep. Suddenly she woke up and sat. She heard a continuous loud banging on her bedroom door; probably it was the reason due to which she woke up. Worried, she got down the bed and stood there for a while, trying to compose herself.

Who it would be?...

At this hour...

She went to the door. Still she was not completely waken up. She opened the door and looked around with partially open heavy eyes. There was nobody at the door. Still the banging sound was coming. Now her sleep ran away completely. She followed the banging sound.

As she reached Stella's bedroom, She found the door been knocked from inside, though it was not latched from out.

Why she is banging the door so hard?...

Is it jammed?...

She pushed the door but felt that it was been pushed from inside. She pushed it with full force; the door got wide open. Stella came out frightened. She was drenched with sweat. She quickly clung Suzan.

" What’s wrong? " Suzan asked her, trying to soothe her.

" Someone was peeking through the window.... and the door was also not opening." She was so feared that somehow she managed to speak.

Suzan glanced at the open door and said, " Stella, are you insane?"

Stella looked surprisingly at Suzan, not expecting such a reaction from her.

"The door opens in. How it will open if you push it out? " Suzan asked her.

Stella looked at the open door, still confused. Stella again firmly hugged Suzan and burst out sobbing. Suzan stroked her.

"When I was eight it was my mother to leave ... Then my father followed ... I was thirteen at that time...

Now, Gibson also left me alone." She said in chocked voice.

Suzan tried to soothe her," Calm down… Calm down… we will find him." ...

... When Stella again came out of her past, she found Jacob was still driving. Now the car has reached the outskirts of the city. While driving, Jacob glanced over Stella through the corner of his eyes.
 Stella looked at him curiously, " Where are we going?" She asked.
Jacob just smiled at her.

"Where is he?... Do you know?" She couldn't stop to ask.

"Right now, I can’t say anything whether he is dead or alive..." Jacob said.

Sadness spread over Stella’s face.

"However, if he is alive, we need to find him... and that's why we are here" Jacob said.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. Can't stop reading this awfully novel... what a genious author!