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Online Entertainment - Novel - Black Hole CH-14 Suzan's statement

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This Novel in English

Suzan and Brat, both sat across in the drawing room.

"What do you think? " Brat asked without giving any reference.
Confused, Suzan looked at him.

"I mean.... Where would Gibson have gone?" Gibson elaborated.

"No... I am just clueless. Actually, he is very particular... even if he is late for 2-3 hours; he rings up." Suzan replied.

"You are ringing the same bell as your brother’s wife." Brat said sarcastically under his breath.

"Moreover, nothing like this has ever happened before." Suzan continued.

"What do you think about kidnapping possibility?" Brat asked.

"Who will kidnap him?" Suzan asked, as if to self.

"May be some foe." Brat tried to give her clue.

"I don’t think so... forget about enemy he even doesn’t have friends... His nature is like that... He is little introvert." Suzan said.

Brat etched his forehead, seemed to be thinking something.

"How was his married life?"

"I mean was he happy?" Brat continued off Suzan’s silence and confusion.

"Absolutely!" Suzan said firmly.

"How is Stella’s attitude towards him and you?" Brat asked further.

" Nice ... In fact Stella is always friendly with us. " Suzan replied.

"Something suspicious about Stella...? " Brat asked.

"Suspicious? ... Are you suspecting her?"

"She is very simple. She could never even think of whatever you are suspecting." Suzan said off Brat’s silence.

"No, not like that... my suspicion is somewhat different." Brat tried to be more clear.

"Different ... What do you mean?" Suzan expressed her surprise.

"I mean ...You know ...some extramarital affair or ...something like that." Brat felt awkward to express his real concern.

"No ...No, it's just not possible." Suzan slammed back sharply.

Suzan didn't like Brat's approach to blame and involve her brother's wife directly into such delicate matters.

"I am sorry to say...Officer I think you are crazy... " Suzan said rudely. And then trying to control her anger she said, " I mean ...I think you are beating around the bush. Just look at her, and think, could she indulge in such things? "

Brat smiled strangely and said, "You know ... smiling teeth hurt badly ... when they bite."

"Green goggles see grass everywhere." Suzan replied back sharply.

"Look ... Miss...." Brat pretended to forget her name.

"Suzan. " She said sharply and firmly.

"Yeah! Ms Suzan ... I can understand the emotions you are going through. But, I can’t help. It’s a part of routine enquiry. " Brat said.

Suzan tried to control her anger. In an effort, she bit her nails and stared outside the window.

" Just relax." Brat tried to calm her down at the same time he checked the possibility of Suzan’s outburst to speak something important. But, she did not speak anymore.

Brat got up to leave.

" OK, I take your leave. .. If you find something worth mentioning... " Brat looked inside suspiciously, towards the door curtain, " ...Or worth hiding ... just, don’t hesitate to ring me up"

"Yeah, sure." Suzan also got up.

Brat walked off. While going, he abruptly stopped, looked in for Stella. He glanced around, smirked. His watchful eyes must have caught the little movement in the door curtain.
He turned again to leave. Suzan walked him out.


Original Novel By Sunil Doiphode
English Version ByMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. Brat seems to be slightly suspicious about Stella.

  2. yeah coz i think she waz hiding behind the curtain