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English Books - Black Hole CH-23 The way to exit

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This Novel in English

Jacob and Stella were still in the black hole at ‘A’ level.

“Come on let’s go back.” Jacob said.

Jacob changed the path and Stella also joined him. Both of them were walking together. Jacob removed a tennis ball from his pocket. As he held the ball in front of Stella, the monster picture on the ball was visible.

“Look ... This ball will show us the way to go back.”

Jacob placed the ball in a sloppy rock notch on the ground. As the ball tumbled, Jacob followed it. Stella also ran behind him.

“If we follow this ball, we will be able to go back.” Jacob said jokingly.
At last, the ball tumbling fell in one of the wells.

“This is the well in which we have to jump.” Jacob said mysteriously.

Jacob held Stella’s hand and both of them jumped in. Now, Stella seemed to be comfortable with jumping.

Jacob and Stella fell on the ground beside the well near castle. They got up looking at the sky. The time during which they were in the well they could not see other than rocks everywhere. Now seeing the sky up, and trees around they felt better. Jacob raked around on the ground using his torchlight.

"What are you searching for?" Stella asked.

Jacob found something, probably the one for which he was searching. He bowed down and picked it up. It was the tennis ball, on which the monster image was sketched.

Both of them headed for the car.

"Then, how we are going to search Gibson? " Stella came to the main point.

"That is what we have to think now. " Jacob smiled and said casually.

Stella puzzled, kept looking at him while walking with him. She was surprised of his casualness.

"One thought is unsettling me." Stella said immersed in deep thought.

"What?" Jacob asked.

"The decomposed man inside could not survive, then how Gibson would survive, if he would have been trapped inside." Stella expressed her real concern.

Jacob did not talk because he had no explanation for her concern.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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