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English Books - Black Hole CH-30 Accusation

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This Novel in English

'How the time must be running in reverse way in the black hole' thought Stella. While doing that she adjusted her watch to 7.16. But a disturbing thought struck her.

"I am afraid, if Gibson would have been trapped in such black holes." She expressed her concern.

"I don’t think so." Jacob said.

"How can you be so sure? " Stella asked.

"Gibson knows all.... He knows all the rules of the game." Jacob gave an explanation.

Stella slid her torch focus on other black hole, where the rock standing read ‘D4’, with a ‘danger’ mark carved below it. A prism shape carved at the bottom of the rock caught her attention. A flash of dream ran through her mind, in which she saw the similar prism. She remembered the feeling of the touch; she had touched the prism in the dream.

"Then, what’s dangerous about this black hole?" Stella asked, seeing the danger mark.

"Let’s go now it’s too late now." Jacob said, cleverly trying to change the topic.

Jacob headed towards the ‘exit’ well. Stella followed him, surprised by his sudden change in mood.

"Jacob, you have not answered my question." Stella asked while following him.

Jacob still continued to walk. She did not want him to go like that. Stella stopped, stared at him while he was going.

"Jacob, why this black hole is dangerous? " She asked, almost shouting.

Jacob abruptly stopped.

" Right now, I can’t tell anything. Only thing I can tell you is it’s also equally dangerous." Jacob replied.

"Then, when you are going to tell?" she asked stubbornly.

"When the right time comes." Jacob answered.

He continued to go ahead.

" You are trying to hide something.. I doubt that you killed him" Stella shouted from the bottom of her naval, accusing him.

Jacob Stopped.

" I killed him? Why should I kill him?" Jacob asked sarcastically.

Stella came to him, looked into his eyes, "To get me." She said firmly.

Jacob laughed ridiculously.

"I killed him? to get you? You are forgetting that we met after he vanished." Jacob put forth the fact.
Jacob came back and getting close to her, his assuring hand rested on her shoulder. He caressed her shoulder and said, " Stella, just have trust."

Original Novel by - Sunil Doiphode
English Version byMugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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