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English books - Black Hole CH-38 Where is Stella going ?

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This Novel in English

Suzan talked with Brat over phone and as she finished, she quickly headed for the door. Daniel was still puzzled and lazily just followed her.

"Come on ... we need to go immediately." Suzan said.

"Where? " Daniel asked, he grabbed the chance to ask her, which he had not got since so long.

"To catch her. " Suzan said, coming out of the house.

"Where has she gone?" Daniel asked.

" I don’t know..? Just follow me." Suzan said in irritation.

" Then where are we going?" He asked with equal irritation.

" You just come with me... we don't have time right now.. I will tell you everything on the way" Suzan said, trying to be as calm as possible. Both of them walked off.

A car was running on the road with full speed. From the side window it was visible that Stella was driving the car. On a turn she applied breaks with full force and took a right turn sharply. A police jeep was following Stella's car. Stella was either unaware of the fact or she did not have time to look behind.

Stella's car was running with full speed when a lady abruptly stopped in the middle of the road while crossing the road. In fact she was confused and did not know what to do next when she saw a car speedily approaching her. Stella did not have a choice other than to apply breaks, as fast and with maximum force as possible. The brakes made a shrieking sound and the car came to halt, right in front of the lady. As the car came to halt, the lady who was frozen like an ice started running. Stella was panting like anything; got relieved seeing the lady was safe. She cleared the sweat beads came on her forehead and proceeded further.

The police car was right behind hers, keeping a safe distance. Probably they didn't want to be known by her that she was been chased.

Brat's jeep was also rushing speedily. Continuously he was in contact with the police jeep chasing Stella. Suddenly his wireless beeped. He got a message from patrolling jeep, " Sir we are right behind her..."

“Good... Don’t let her go out of your site... I will join you shortly... “Brat replied.

After leaving behind city, Stella’s car traveled for quite a distance and turned to right on a dusty road. Clouds of dust came up. As the patrolling police chasing her found Stella's car turning right, they slowed down their jeep. They waited for her car to go ahead, so that she should not realize her chasing up.

Suzan's car was also rushing speedily on the city roads. Daniel was driving the car and Suzan was instructing him the way. Suzan dialed a number on her cell phone, " We are also on the way..."

"You... Don’t have to worry ...our team is right behind her..." Brat assured them.

"Where is she? ... And, where are you?" Suzan asked.

"I am almost to join my team ... I am right now at... " Brat peeked outside the window to tell her the exact location.

The police patrolling jeep followed Stella's car on the dusty road. A police staff from the jeep informed Brat on wireless, " Sir, it seems she is going into woods."

" Just keep on following her..." Brat instructed.

" Yes sir"

Daniel was driving the car and was waiting for next instruction from Suzan. She was still on mobile. Suzan finished her talk on mobile and instructed him "Take left turn on the next signal"


Original Novel – Sunil Doiphode
English Version – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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