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English literature - Black Hole CH-22 Dimension of time.

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This Novel in English

Jacob adjusted his and Stella’s watch to show exactly 7 O’ clock, kept Stella’s watch on top of the rock labeled ‘A3’, and turning to her said, “Now, come on. Jump into this black hole with me.”

Jacob led Stella to the well. Stella backed off immediately showing her reluctance.

“Don’t worry, its similar to the previous one.” Jacob assured her.

Lastly Jacob prepared her mentally to jump and they both jumped together into the well ‘A3’. Her shriek reduced slowly and then abruptly stopped.

Jacob and Stella both fell on the ground in the other rocky den. They got up slowly. Stella looked around, expecting something different. As Jacob got up, he focused his torch on the rock, which revealed ‘Exit’ carved on it.

"Only one well? " Stella asked.

"No, one more is there.... B1. Why?"

"No, nothing. I just asked."

"It seems you are enjoying jumping in the wells... Is it? Jacob said, trying to tease her.
Both of them sweetly smiled at each other. As Jacob stared at her lovingly, she averted. Jacob took her to the rock on which 'Exit' was sculptured.

" This is ‘Exit’ well, through which we have to go back. " Jacob said.

Jacob and Stella were standing near the ‘Exit’ well. They took a stance to jump.

"Is it possible that, Gibson may have been trapped in some black hole at some level? " Stella stopped and expressed her concern.

"Possible." Jacob said plainly.

" How it will be, if we search for Gibson through all black holes at all levels."
Jacob thought for a while, " Hamm.... Obviously, anybody would think so, but it is too risky..."

Before Stella could ask anything more Jacob held her hand and jumped with her in the 'exit' well.

Jacob and Stella fell on the ground in the rocky den of level 'A'. They both got up with smiles on their faces.
Jacob focused the torch light on the rock on which ‘A3’ was carved and Stella’s wristwatch was sitting on its top.
Jacob went to the rock, picked up the wristwatch, brought it near his wristwatch, holding both watches side to side.

"See your watch shows 7.15pm while my watch shows 8.15pm..." Jacob pointed out.

"How? How come? " Stella said in astonishment.

"The time dimension of this black hole is different than here ... 15 minutes here is equivalent to 1 hour in there." Jacob explained.

"Surprising!! Really, it’s so mysterious!! This way a human being can live so many lives, within his one life." Stella said in excitement.

"How many lives you want to live?" Jacob asked her.

"Living many lives without Gibson is not worthy living just one life with Gibson." She answered firmly.
Jacob affectionately stared at her and returned her wristwatch.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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