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English Novel - Black Hole Ch-24 Coffee House

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This Novel in English

It was a lovely evening. Suzan and Daniel were walking side by side, their hands entangled. Looking at a coffee house on the roadside Daniel insisted, "Let’s have some coffee. "

Daniel seemed to be tired.

"Tired? ...So early, It’s just a beginning dear... Still long journey to travel and the destination is far ahead." Suzan teased him.

"Just to keep walking is not life. There may come some small milestones while passing by. To stop at those milestones, think and feel about our achievements up to that point is also a part of life." Daniel smiled and said in philosophical tone.

" Really!... Waiting at milestones let’s think of our destination

Come on let’s go, rest, and start with lot of enthusiasm " Suzan also smiled and replied in the same philosophical tone.

They entered the coffee shop and sat across each other in the corner table, isolated from the rush. Suzan removed a paper from her purse and started counting something.

"I hope you have made the list of your friends." Suzan said while continuing her scribbling on the paper.

"What for? " Daniel asked innocently, looking around for waiter.

"What for??... For distributing marriage invitations my dear.... Daniel, really you are such an absent minded. Now for God’s sake don’t ask, whose marriage?" Suzan frowned.

Cringing at his mistake, Daniel signaled a waiter. Waiter came and stood politely beside him, ready to note down his order.

"Two black coffees please." Daniel ordered.

Waiter noted down and left.

Suzan was again engrossed in her work. Daniel looked around across the café. He noticed something odd in the diagonally opposite far corner.

"Suzie." Daniel nudged her, still looking in the corner.

Suzan glanced over and continued her writing on a paper.

"Suzie, Just look at the corner" Daniel again nudged her.

Suzan looked at the corner.

Jacob and Stella were sitting in the corner, deeply absorbed in their discussion, a bunch of papers lying in front of them. Suzan abruptly got up. It seemed that Suzan did not like Stella’s presence with Jacob.

"Let’s go somewhere else." Suzan said, leaving the table.

Suzan left the coffee house. Daniel followed her behind, not understanding the cause of a sudden change in her mood.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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