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English Novels - Black Hole CH-25 Marriage

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This Novel in English

Today it was bustle of Suzan's marriage going on in the church. Suzan and Daniel both stood in their marriage costumes. Suzan was looking beautiful in her white costume and Daniel was looking handsome in his new suit. The priest was carrying out their marriage ceremony and their faces were shining and overwhelming. Probably they were dreaming of their future married life. Their friends, relatives, and well-wishers were gathered in the hall. They were also beaming with the happiness. In the assembled crowd Jacob stood near Stella in the corner of the hall, looking straight ahead at the ceremony. In the same assembly Police officer Brat stood in the other corner. In between, he was keeping an eye on Stella and Jacob's activities.

At last Priest finished the ceremony and declared them husband and wife. Suzan and Daniel kissed each other. The gathered crowd conveyed their blessings to them by a huge clapping.

In the evening their marriage reception party was in its full swing. Stella and Jacob discussing at the corner caught Suzan’s attention.

Suzan remembered the words of Brat, ' An Extramarital affair'

Was Brat suspecting the right thing? ...

Suzan thought.

"Who invited this freak? " Suzan asked Daniel under her breath, making a bad face.

Daniel followed her gaze, shrugged and said, " No, I didn’t."

He stared at Suzan intensely.

"You know honey; bee is always in search of honey." Daniel said jokingly and leaning too close to Suzan.

"Daniel please don’t ruin my mood. It’s not the time for kidding." Suzan said unpleasantly.

Reception party was now in full swing. People were discussing in groups, holding their wine glasses. In between, the bursts of laugher could be heard. Taking advantage of the situation, police officer Brat joined Stella and Jacob standing in the corner, "Hi, Mrs. Stella."

"Hello. "

"I hope I am not disturbing you." Brat looked at Stella with his piercing eyes and said sarcastically.

"Oh... no...Not at all" Stella replied bringing smile forcefully on her face.

Stella introduced him to Jacob, " Mr. Jacob... Mr. Brat."

They shook their hands with each other.

"Nice to meet you."

"You too." Brat said, pressing his hand hard.

" He is Police officer working on Gibson’s case...And He is Gibson’s friend. " He introduced them in detail.

"Did we meet earlier?" Brat said with his typical investigating style.

"I don’t think so." Jacob replied.

Suzan intruded in between their conversation.

"Suzan you are looking so gorgeous today." Brat complimented.

"Thank you." Suzan said blushing.

Suddenly Brat took Suzan aside, as if recollecting something, " Suzan actually...."

"Excuse us" He took permission from the group.

Brat took Suzan away from the group.

Suzan and Brat both were talking something, which was barely audible. Daniel came in there and interrupted, " I hope I am not disturbing you both."

"Not at all. " Brat said.

"What’s the matter?" Suzan asked him.

Daniel held a flower bouquet, sent by somebody, in front of Suzan. Suzan picked up the card tucked in the bouquet. It read ‘Congratulations and heartily best wishes ... from Gibson my lovely sister’
Nobody spoke anything. What they did was just shared a thunderstruck look.


Original Novel By – Sunil Doiphode
English Version By – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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