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This Novel in English

Coming out of her house Stella straight went to her car, opened the car door, sat in and slammed back the door. She started the car and drove off with full speed.
Suzan, standing at the open main door, looked at her with astonishment and called out loudly,
“Stella... “

She did not listen or was not ready to listen. She was gone.
Suzan in hurry returned in the house, with some decision, some conclusion on her mind.

As soon as Suzan reached in the hall, she quickly approached the phone kept in the corner. When she held the receiver and dialed a number, Daniel came out and joined her.

“What’s wrong Honey? “ he asked, looking at the urgency in her movements.

She did not respond.

“May I talk to Mr. Brat please.?” She talked into phone.

“ Honey... May I know what’s going on in this house..? Everybody is behaving erratically. “ Daniel said in irritation, as she did not respond to him.

Suzan signaled her husband to hold on.

Telephone bell rang continuously in the police station. After some time an attendant came lethargically and picked up the phone, “Hello”

He talked on phone for a while, kept the cradel on the table and went inside, probably to call somebody. After few minutes Brat came to the table, picked up the cradel and said lethargically, “Hello”

As soon as he came to know that the phone is from Suzan, a surge of energy entered his body. His lethargic movements suddenly became swift. He had many times asked Suzan to call him if she happened to get some information, regarding the case. Now he knew that the phone must be regarding it.

As Brat put down Suzan’s phone, a strange smile crept over his face and his complete lethargy was gone. Brat immediately took the charge of the wireless and contacted all the patrolling vehicles in the city. He was sure that she would not have gone out of the city still. He gave them all her description and the details of her car and instructed them to contact him immediately, as soon as they find her or her car.

Brat did not require waiting for long. Within 10-15 minutes he got a call from one of the patrolling cars.

“ Sir we have found a car and a lady of the description you had given”

“Good .. Follow the car and keep informing me continuously.” He instructed.

“Yes ... Sir...”

Brat gave few more instructions as the police staff on other side kept on saying

“Yes.... Sir”

“Right ...sir”

“OK ... Sir”

Lastly Brat hung the phone. Collecting all his belongings, he headed to the door immediately.


Original Novel – Sunil Doiphode
English Version – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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