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Stella somehow calmed down. Still she was pondering over the doubt, which she just spoke about.. It was also getting late. So she decided to discuss about it sometime later  and return home now. They jumped in the 'Exit' well of 'A' level to return.

When Jacob and Stella came out they found themselves fallen on the ground near the well, beside the castle. Both of them got up, their torches still off. They were about to switch on their torches, when they found two flashlights heading towards the well. They looked curiously; heard the tire's crunching sound. A car was coming towards the well.

"Who is that?" Stella was scared.

"Come on let’s hide quickly" Jacob said, pulling her to hide behind the huge rock.

After they hid, they peered over the rock at the stopped car. The car door opened and somebody stepped out. Stella’s curious gaze turned serious. Her mouth opened a tiny bit involuntarily. Her face became still. So did Jacob.

"How is is possible? " Stella Whispered in surprise.

They saw themselves - Other Stella and other Jacob coming out of the car.

"Oh, my god, those are we! " Jacob also whispered in surprise.

Getting some clue, Jacob looked at his watch and showed Stella his watch.

" See ... we came here at 8.00pm ... and it’s 8.00pm now." He whispered.

Jacob and Stella, just emerged from the car, headed for the well.

" The same we, in two forms ...that too at the same time, same place... Doesn’t it seem mysterious? " Stella was not able to believe.

Other Stella stood at the edge of the well with Jacob.
Stella, peering with Jacob over the rock, lost her balance, as a rock below her foot slipped. In an attempt to gain balance, another rock tumbled down the heap, making a peculiar tumbling sound.
Other Stella, ready to jump in with other Jacob, looked back. Hidden Jacob held Stella firmly and pulled her back.

"Don’t move... " He murmured in her ear.

Other Jacob joined her gaze. They saw the leaves of the plants shaking slightly from a breeze. Low breeze sound pierced the silence. Other Jacob held other Stella’s hand to jump. Other Stella shrugged and jumped with other Jacob.

Jacob and Stella, hidden behind the rock, sighed and came out from their hiding place. They left for their car.


Original Novel by - Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. the story waz quiet interesting.....still interesting bt going to be confusing