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English books - Black Hole CH-39 Thud

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This Novel in English

A car stopped in front of the Castle. Car door opened and Stella got down the car. Almost running, she went to the well and immediately jumped into the well.

After some time a Police car arrived and stopped beside Stella’s car. A team of police got down. They rushed and circled Stella's car. They looked for Stella in her car. Knowing she is not in, they searched around.

One of the police member informed Brat on wireless, "Sir she has just stopped here in front of the Castle .. on the same road on the left side"

From other side Brat may have given some instruction because the police staff kept on saying in between -

"Yes sir..."



"Right sir..."

"Yes sir? .... "

Realizing the wireless has been hung from other side, he switched it off and pocketed it.

" She is not here anywhere" One of the team members said.

" She must have gone in the castle" Other said, looking at the huge, old walls of the castle with astonishment.

"Come on ... let’s go in...." The senior member said.

" You be ready.. we don't know who else is inside" the senior member said.

The senior member guided the team towards the castle. After walking few steps, he stopped abruptly, turned back.

"You wait for Mr. Brat..." He instructed to one of the members.

" Yes Sir" the police member said politely and stayed back, while the rest of them followed the senior member.

As soon as Stella fell on the ground in the rocky den, she quickly got up. She switched on the torch and moved around the focus. As she saw a rock standing near a well on which 'A1' was carved, she focused her torch flash on it and rushed towards it. She must have traveled the half distance to the well, when Thud! Suddenly something fell from the roof right in front of her. She stepped back with alarm. It was a huge piece of rock. Fearfully she looked above. There was nothing but a notch was seen from where probably the piece was fallen.

How it must have happened?...

It never happened before..

She was thinking while looking at the roof.


Original Novel – Sunil Doiphode
English Version – Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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