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English books - Black Hole CH-43 An Explosion

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Stella and Jacob were horrified and were looking at the broken pieces of the rock fallen right in front of them. Somehow they managed to recover from the shock when a big explosion occurred in the well at the extreme end of the den. They went white; every cell of their body stilled with fear. They immediately ran to hide behind a huge rock. The pieces of rocks spread everywhere and few pieces fell in front of them. The well in which the explosion occurred, remained no more a well, it became just a pile of rocks.

"What is happening?” Stella asked, horrified, gasping.

"Come on ... something is wrong. We need to get out as quickly as possible ..." Jacob said; he was also gasping.

Holding each other’s hand firmly, they started running towards the ‘exit’ well. Then, they jumped immediately into the ‘exit’ well, when they reached it.

Jacob and Stella fell on the ground in the rocky den at 'C' level. Jacob got up quickly.

"Come on ... Getup..." Jacob said, holding her hand and pulling her up helping her to get up. As she got up, both of them darted towards the ‘Exit’ well at level 3. While running, Jacob was almost pulling her holding her hand firmly and Stella was trying to match up with his pace. When they were about to reach the ‘Exit’ well, another well ‘C2’ (Level 3 black hole 2) exploded violently.

"Careful ... the pieces of rocks may come towards us..." Stella said, still running with him.
Running as fast as they could, they managed to jump in the ‘Exit’ well before some other well explodes.

They might have reached halfway in the 'exit' well, when another well ‘C1’ (Level 3 black hole 1) also exploded.

Jacob and Stella both fell on the ground in the rocky den at 'B' level. The pieces of rocks followed them. Jacob promptly covered Stella to protect her.

After some time, both of them got up by supporting each other. There were some minor injuries on their bodies. As they got up they raked their torch flashes around to search for an 'Exit' well. At one place they seized their focus, where they found ‘B2’ (Level 2 black hole 2) already exploded and the pieces of rocks scattered everywhere.

They started to find the way to the ‘Exit’ well through the rocks on their way. They could see the 'Exit' well but there were piles of rocks in between obstructing them.
They climbed over one of the piles of rocks, which was on the way towards the way to ‘Exit’ well. There was no problem while climbing but when they reached the peak and tried to get down, they almost tumbled on the other side of the pile. When they reached the bottom of the pile, suddenly Stella screamed loudly.

" What's wrong?" Jacob slid his attention holding her and joined her stare. He found the wild dog dead, may be due to hitting of rocks, blood stained rocks and blood spread everywhere. Getting up they again started running as fast as they could. Running and shrieking, when they reached the 'Exit' well, they jumped in.

When their shrieking voice faded, suddenly ‘Exit’ well, the same well in which they jumped, exploded.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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