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English books - Black Hole CH-45 Implosion

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In front of the castle, everywhere the pieces of rocks and dust were scattered and beside the well small piles of rocks were formed. Everywhere around it was haunting silence and the dark in the well was disappeared and the water started shining in place at the bottom. In the debris, there was a little movement. From the debris, somebody slowly got up. She was Stella. As soon as she got up she looked around anxiously to search Jacob. She felt relieved when she spotted him lying at one place. She immediately went to him. She rolled him to make his face visible.

“Jacob... “ Her voice revealed the happiness she experienced to find him.

He was lying motionless. She shook him, gently. Her happiness started diminishing.

“Jacob ... Come on getup.” A deep concern and worry could be sensed in her voice.

Still he didn’t wake up. She checked his breath and started shaking him wildly.

Stella saw Jacob’s hand stirring slowly. Happiness again crept over her face. Jacob slowly opened his eyes. He found Stella in front of him. Both of them hugged each other fervently. The glee from them was tangible.

“Thank GOD... at last we came out safely.” Jacob said happily.

They came out of embrace and got up, supporting each other. While walking, they faced difficulty since they were injured and drained.

“Why did it explode? Was there any problem?” Stella asked, the puzzle she had since long but didn’t have time to ask.

“You know...These black holes are created out of implosion... and explosions had to destroy them one day or the other ... “ Jacob answered.

“Implosion?” Stella asked with surprise.

“ Yes implosion... It’s exactly opposite phenomenon of explosion.... I think since they were created artificially... they got destroyed early.” Jacob explained further.

“That means this world is also going to explode one day...” Stella asked understanding the hidden meaning of his statement.

“Exactly. However, that time is huge as compared to a human life.” Jacob said.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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