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English literature - Black Hole CH-47 Who are you ?

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Jacob was totally frustrated to know that nobody could hear or see them. Jacob stood in front of Stella and started to talk to her intensely,

" I arrived at the point where Dr. Steven Halls reached and could not continue his research."
Stella looked into his eyes; she felt proud of him.

"Only creating artificial worlds is not enough. There are many more things to do." Jacob continued.

"Like...?" Stella asked.

"You see, since he has created the artificial worlds. There must be worlds, which are real."

"Yes you told me before." Stella said.

"Therefore, we must find those worlds and the means to enter and return from those worlds...
Without it, the research done by Dr. Steven Halls has no meaning. Without it, his research is incomplete" Jacob said.

Now the old man joined them, " My dear...Nothing is incomplete in this world. Everything has got its own end."

Jacob stared at Stella ignoring the old man.

"But how can we continue the research now. " Jacob asked Stella.

" That's right...We can’t even hold the things." Stella expressed her concern.

"My friend ... Now wherever you are ... the rules of the game are different here... it’s a different world altogether." the old man said.

"Whatever it may be, one thing is continue the research… we must go back to our world." Jacob said decisively.

"When somebody someday goes to search the unknown...
Even if he finds the unknown...

How will he tell the secret to known.

If he himself becomes the unknown..."

The old man said in philosophical tone.

"Going back? … .. My dear... unfortunately it doesn’t seems to be possible... " the old man continued.
Now Jacob faced the old man, eye to eye.

"Why?... Why its not possible?" he asked angrily.

"Because such things neither have had happened in past nor going to happen in future... " The old man answered.

Jacob carefully and curiously gazed at the old man, " By the way, who are you? … Why don’t you leave us alone?"

"I am Dr. Steven Halls" the old man said mysteriously.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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  1. the story is so interesting that i can't miss a single world and can't wait long for the climax


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