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English literature - Black Hole CH-40 Who are you?

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A car stopped in front of the Castle beside other two vehicles, one Stella's Car and other police jeep. Brat got down quickly, slamming back the door. The police member waiting for him came forward.

"Where is our team?" Brat asked.

"They went in, sir" the police member said politely.

"Come..." Brat said looking at the castle, without looking at the police member.

They hurriedly walked into the castle.

Stella jumped again in the other black hole. As she jumped, the wild dog ambled out from behind the rock, holding a bone in his jaw. He went to the edge of the well, from which Stella just jumped and stared in, probably was looking for Stella.

Stella fell on the ground in the rocky den. She got up immediately. Suddenly, Thud! A horrifying sound came. Stella shrieked in horror and stepped back few steps. It was a partially eaten bone fallen right in front of her.

In front of the Castle, now Suzan’s car also came, and halted in a row of other three vehicles. Looking in astonishment at the castle, Suzan and Daniel got out of the car.

"What the hell she is doing here?" Daniel said looking around at the strange place.

"Come on be fast ... Till now Brat must have found her." Suzan said, hurrying to go in the castle.
Suzan followed by Daniel, darted in.

Stella was in one of the Den at level 'D'. She rummaged through the whole den moving around the torch focus. Lastly her torchlight focus seized on a rock standing beside a black hole. The rock read ‘D1’ (Level 4 black hole 1). Stella again raked around moving the torch focus. Suddenly she held her torchlight focus steady as she found Jacob standing right in front of her. In fact she was taken aback, finding him so close and right in front of her. He was holding a huge knife in one hand and a rock in other. As the light fell on him, he started to move towards Stella. Stella also started moving towards him firmly, without fear.

"What are you doing here?" Jacob asked her.

With a deep meaningful stance, Stella looked at him. Her eyes started to well up.

"Who are you? " She asked.

Jacob stopped.

"Tell me who are you? ... I have recognized you." Stella asked again.

Jacobs's hold on the knife became firm. He came closer, and looked straight into her eyes.

"I knew one day or the other you are going to find the truth." Jacob said.

He came still closer, face to face with her. His hold eased on the rock and the knife. The rock and the knife fell down. He stared at her with a same deep meaningful stance.

"Honey ... You have rightly recognized me.... Yes I am ... Gibson...your Gibson" He said keeping both of his hands on her shoulder. He went very close to her, almost feeling her breath. They stared at each other as if their eyes locked.

Suddenly, with a surge of emotions, they embraced holding each other firmly and passionately.


Original Novel – Sunil Doiphode
English Version – Mugdha Apte


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