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English literature - Black Hole CH-41 Black Hole 'D4'

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Few minutes passed, they were holding each other in embrace tightly and were caressing each other tenderly. At last she had found her husband and realized that in fact Jacob is her husband Gibson, though in different form.
She came out of embrace holding his face with her hands. She observed his face carefully. There was not a slightest similarity between his and Gibson's face.

"How did it happen, Honey? " She asked, still staring at his face.

Suzan, Daniel, Brat, and the police team searched Stella in each and every corner of the Castle, but they could not find her. Brat anticipated that today at last he could find Gibson. But nothing was happening according to his anticipation therefore he was irritated.

Okay he was not able to find Gibson, but he should at least be able to find Stella...

Where the hell she has gone? ...

Is she lost in the limitless sky or the earth has eaten her up?...

His frustration and anger could be sensed in the way he was dealing with his team.

Stella and Jacob stood near the well. The rock standing near the well, revealed ‘D4’ (Level 4 black hole 4), Danger mark and a prism carved on it. Jacob touched and felt the prism carved on it.

"This is the black hole, which is responsible for all this… " Jacob said.

Stella stared at him and waited for his next words.

Jacob started to tell his story....

... When Gibson came to 'D' level, he looked around and walked to the edge of the black hole ‘D4’ (Level 4 black hole 4), taking the reference of the documents held in his hand. He leaned forward and looked in. He kept aside the documents, moved few steps back, steadied himself and jumped in.

Gibson fell on the ground in other rocky den. Looking around, focusing the torch, he got up. He approached a rock wall ahead and wrote on the wall with a white chalk. It read -
‘World is a mathematical expression which is a function of space and time.’
After he wrote the whole sentence, he stared at the words. He realized that the letters on the wall slowly started disappearing in the sequence in which they were written. He looked around. His moving torch focus rested on ‘Exit’ well and he headed towards the ‘Exit’ well.

As he walked, Gibson’s clothes disappeared slowly.

Then his torch disappeared.

Suddenly the speed of changes increased.

Slowly, Gibson turned younger and younger.

He became 7-8 years child.

The boy turned into a kid of age 4-5 months.

Lastly, he disappeared.

The whole den started disappearing slowly.

There was nothing left where he stood.

Then the walls, roof of the den started disappearing.

The moment came when the complete den was disappeared.



Again out of nothing the den started appearing.

The complete den reappeared.

From nothing, a kid appeared.

He turned into a boy.

The boy grew slowly.

He became a man. However, he was not Gibson. He was altogether a different man - Jacob.

Suddenly the speed of changes decreased.

Slowly, his clothes and torch came back.

There was ‘exit’ well right behind him. He looked at the rock wall.

The worlds reappeared -
‘World is a mathematical expression which is a function of space and time.’

As the letters reappeared, Jacob turned towards the ‘exit’ well, ran, and jumped in it immediately.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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