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English Literature - Black Hole CH-42 Soul

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When Jacob fell on the ground in the rocky den, at 'D' level, his eyes were closed. There were no movements in his body, but at the minuscule level there was something going on. It was his soul, which was trying hard to escape his body, because the body was different and the soul belonged to Gibson. Gibson’s soul stretched like a rubber from the body and at last succeeded to escape, but the roots of the soul were still residing in the body.

The soul escaped from Jacob's body traveled fast through the sky and entered directly to Stella's bedroom. Stella was in sound sleep. As the soul reached her and appeared in its full form near her, she woke up frightened, as if woke up from some dreadful dream. At the same time the roots of the soul residing in the motionless body, lying in the den, started to attract the soul with full force. The soul disappeared from Stella's bedroom and traveled towards its origin, which was Jacob's body.

Gibson’s soul got absorbed completely in Jacob’s body and disappeared in it, because though the body was of different form, every bit of it belonged to the soul. The soul had a claim over each and every bit of the body. Suddenly, Jacob's body stirred and his closed eyes wide opened....

... Stella and Jacob were standing near the well ‘D4’ (Level 4 black hole 4) and he was telling his story. Stella was staring at him with amazement. Jacob touched the prism carved on the rock and said,
"As you know... in black hole ‘A3’ (Level 1 black hole 3) 15 min here is equal to 1 hour there."

Jacob rotated his hand in clockwise direction rapidly.
“Because the time runs forward in there as compared to our time."

He then focused the torch on the rock which revealed ‘D5 (Level 4 black hole 5)
" And in this black hole..., " Jacob rotated his hand in anticlockwise direction rapidly, " ... the time runs in reverse direction."

Jacob rested his hand on the rock, which revealed ‘D4’ (Level 4 black hole 45). Again, he touched the prism.

"However, in this black hole the dimension of time is such that...," Jacob rotated his hand once in clockwise and then in anticlockwise direction, " ...The time swings back and forth "

"Swings? .... What do you mean by swings? " Stella asked in confusion.

Jacob made an action of pendulum swinging back and forth,
"It goes forward and backward like a pendulum.”

Stella stared at Jacob in surprise.

Slowly their stare turned into an affectionate stare and they hugged again firmly and passionately.
" But why did you hide this all these days? " Stella asked, still in his arms.

"A Husband … in altogether different body... I was not sure you will believe the thing or not... " Jacob said, coming out of her arms.

He held her hand and slowly started stroking it,

"So I decided to tell you slowly after showing all this … rather after knowing the complete theory of space, time and the new world altogether. "

They started walking side by side, their hands entangled.

"Only I know how these days I passed without you…. and still with you." Stella said holding his arm and resting her head on it, while walking with him.

"I can understand your feelings... However, somewhere I had a feeling that you would find me out..." Jacob said, looking into her eyes.

They shared a loving look.

Thud! Suddenly a big rock fell in front of them. The rock broke into pieces and scattered around. Startled, they stepped back.


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte


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