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This Novel in English

In a bookstore Daniel picked a random book from a rack and flipped through it. Suzan was standing beside him. She seemed to be drowned in her thoughts.

"Look.... this book is about Indian dishes...See here the preparation of curry … you like. Isn’t it?" Daniel said turning over some pages.

When Daniel turned to look at Suzan, she was not there.
He kept back the book on the shelf and looked around. She was not around in the hall. He rummaged around for her in the bookstore. He went and looked for her in the other adjacent halls, she was not there too.

Just now she was here...

Where the hell has she gone?..
There was a small magazine room nearby. He peeked in, to find nothing but an empty room.

Recently she is behaving weird...

May be because of her brother's and his wife’s disappearance...

May be she would have returned home, leaving behind me alone here...

Daniel thought. Hurriedly, he went out of the shop and looked around. She was not seen anywhere.
Car keys are with her...

Did she return home by car?..

He ran towards the parking lot. He was relieved to find his car in place.

That means she must be around here...

Certainly she is not outside the shop..

I must check her out again in the shop...

He came back again in the shop. He checked each and every nook and corner of the library but he could not find her. Suddenly he realized that the bookstore had one more floor.

She must be upstairs...

He rushed upstairs. The first floor had 3-4 halls. He searched carefully everywhere. There was not much crowd on the first floor, as compared to the ground floor.

Where the hell she would have gone?...

Now he was getting worried. Before leaving the first floor he casually peeked in an adjacent reading room. He found her standing and facing towards the shelf in the corner. He went to her. She was leafing through a book. He was relieved that at last he had found her.

"Honey, what are you doing here?" He asked, approaching her, "I was so worried for you"

Suzan was so engrossed in the book that she did not respond. Daniel held her shoulder to make her aware, " Suzan... "

Suzan kept back the book on the shelf, looked at Daniel, and walked to the other shelf. Daniel surprisingly gazed her while she was going.

Daniel picked the book from the shelf kept back by her. He read the title, it was - ‘Black Hole’


Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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  1. a thrilling novel.... i enjoyed it a lot.

  2. this book is jus awsome... i really liked dis book