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English literature - Novel Elove : CH-2 Chatting

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This Novel in English

As Anjali arrived in the office, she first finished the important office works, like important posts, important official mails, progress reports etc. The mails, which were important, she replied to them, some mails she got them printed for further actions. After finishing the important works she opened the chatting session. Whenever she used to feel exhausted or when she used to be free, she used to chat, it was her daily routine. It was not an easy task to lead such a huge company. Chatting was her good finding to cope up with the work related tensions and stress. When she was busy with chatting, her phone rang; she attended it, still continuing with chatting. She was accustomed to handle all the jobs in parallel fashion, as if, like computers, she was equipped with parallel processing.

" Yes Mona" she responded to her receptionist on the phone.

" Madam... Net Secura’s Managing Director... Mr. Bhatia is on the line" response came from the other side.

" Connect please" She instructed.

By that time a message appeared on the chatting session window, ‘ Hi’

Anjali checked the sender’s identity; it was ‘Tom Boy’

‘What a boring and irritating person he is.’ she thought.

This ‘Tom Boy’ used to present almost always on the chatting, as if, only to annoy her. When he is present on the chatting, and Angali opened the chatting session, it never happened that he did not annoy her with his the very first message.
‘ He didn’t has other work or what... bastard ... always present on the chat room. ‘
Anjali decided to ignore him today. There were few offline messages in her chatting inbox. Anjali held the phone cradle in between her ear and shoulder, and started checking the offline messages, operating her fingers swiftly on the keyboard.

" Good morning Mr. Bhatia... How are you?’’ As the phone was connected, she simultaneously conversed on the phone.

She paused in between to hear the conversation from the other side.

"Look, Bhatiajee... We are the best at our quality and delivery schedules... you don’t worry... we will deliver your product on time.. Did it happen ever, that our delivery schedule is missed? .. Never... isn’t it... then don’t worry... you rest assured... yes... ok. Bye .." Anjali disconnected, and again spoke to her receptionist, pressing two digits, " Send Sharwari in please"

During the phone conversation, her attention was distracted from the computer, because her punch line was - if its work, the importance goes to work first, and rest of the things latter.

Suddenly the computer beeped; there was some message in the chat window. Anjali looked at the computer, in annoyance.

‘ God... Again the same ‘Tom Boy’

She checked the identy of message sender, but it was not ‘Tom Boy’. She sighed in relief and started reading it.

" Would you like to be my friend" the message read.


This Novel in English

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