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English literature - Novel : Elove : CH-3 Mailing Address

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This Novel in English

English literature - Novel : Elove : CH-3 Mailing Address

'Would you like to be my friend?' the message was still visible on the monitor.

Anjali was thinking of an appropriate reply, so that the guy on other side should not trouble her like 'Tom Boy'

'Why not? ... definitely ... But beware ... being friend is easy... but being friend in any circumstances is not that easy ' Anjali typed the message and was about to send when her secretary Sharwari came in.

" Yes Madam"

'' Sharwari, How many times I need to tell you, ... don't call me Madam... Call me simply Anjali... When you call me Madam... suddenly I feel as if I am grown up to 50 years from 23..." Anjali said in irritation.

She scolded her ruthlessly, but then she felt bad.

Now she started talking in serious tone, " As you know, after papa passed away this responsibility came to me... otherwise these should be my enjoying easygoing playful days... You know what... I asked you to join here purposefully... so that in this stressful environment I should not loose my playfulness... At least you should call me Anjali... You are my friend first and then secretary ... understand" Anjali said.

" Yes Madam... I mean Anjali" Sharwari said.

Anjali smiled looking at her. As Sharwari sat before her, the computer alert rang again. There was message again in chatting window -

‘ What's your Name? ‘

‘ Anjali... What's yours?’ Anjali typed the message.

Anjali clicked on the send button and revolved the chair in the direction of Sharwari, " So ... What's going on in Net Secura's project?'' Anjali asked.

" Everything is alright... but one of the module is crashing the system... Still they are working on it but are unable to get the bug..." Sharwari updated her with the information.

By that time a message again appeared on the monitor, ' My name is Vivek... By the way... What are your likings ... I mean hobbies?'
Anjali looked at the monitor, and ignoring the message she looked at sharwari, a concern about the project was clearly visible on her face.

" Who is working on that module?'' Anjali asked.

" Dinesh Maheswari? Sharwari supplied the information.

" The one who joined the last month?'' Anjali asked.

" Yes ... the same guy"

"Associate some senior engineer with him and see that the mater is resolved" Anjali instantly analyzed the root cause of the problem and suggested the solution too.

" Yes Madam... I mean Anjali " Sharwari said, proudly looking at her boss.

She always felt proud of her this management skill of taking instant and correct decisions. Anjali again took charge of the computer. Sharwari got up and left the cabin and Anjali was typing the response to the message, just arrived on the chat.

' Hobbies... yes... reading, swimming... writing some times and of course chatting' Anjali typed the message and sent it, and opened Microsoft excel sheet in another window. She was absorbed in reading the numbers in the excel sheet. Probably she was checking the financial details of some of the projects her company was handling.

Suddenly again a chatting message appeared.

‘ Wow ... What a coincidence... our likings are exactly matching...’

‘Really?’ She asked, sarcastically.
Anjali was quite aware of this old trick of impressing ladies. Anjali looked up, sensing somebody's entrance in the cabin. It was peon. He kept some documents in front of her for signing. Anjali quickly read through the documents and signed them.
'I swear...' the chat message came from other side.

Vivek would have sensed skepticism in her worlds.

'Could you send me your mail-id please?' again Vivek's message came.

'' Without any hesitation she sent her mail-id as her chatting mail-id was different than her regular mail-id.

Anjali revolved her chair towards her writing table, caught hold of her diary, and looking at her wrist watch she got up to leave the cabin. As she turned to leave the cabin, the computer buzzer again rang. She looked back at the monitor.

'O.K. then Bye... see you some time...' Vivek's message was visible on the monitor.


This Novel in English

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