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English literature - Novel Elove :CH-4 When we become wordless

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This Novel in English

In the internet cafe Vivek was busy writing something. Another person Johnny, almost of his age, probably his friend arrived in the cafe and tapped on his head playfully from behind,

“ Hi Vivek... What’s up?’’

Coming out of his trance, Vivek looked behind and said, continuing his work on the computer, “ Nothing yarr,... trying to send a mail?’’

“ Whom?’’

“ A girl”

“ Wow... girl... the matter seems to be of love” Johnny said, teasing him.

“ No yarr.. just a friend” Vivek said.

“ My friend... you agree on don’t agree...
When we want to talk a girl and we don’t get words...
Or When we want to write to a girl and we are clueless...
then be sure you are in love...” Johnny said, again trying to tease him more.

Vivek just smiled.

“ Look... look... how you are blushing” Johnny said.

Vivek again smiled, without saying a word.

“ When somebody neither denies...
Nor agrees...
then be sure that he is love...” Johnny was not ready to leave him.

But now, Vivek got annoyed, “ Would you leave this place or wants to be beaten up?’’
“ Whatever you are thinking ... it’s nothing like that... I am doing web search for my PHD topic and in between just mailing to relax...” Vivek said, trying to control his irritation.

“That’s all?” Johnny said.

“ You are leaving right now ... or be ready to be humiliated in front of this crowd here?” Vivek said again in irritation.

“ OK ... OK... just calm down... anyway... what’s the topic of your PHD research?” Johny asked.

“ It’s secret.. I can’t disclose to anyone” Vivek said.

“Not to me too?’’

“ No not to you too’’ Vivek said firmly.

“ It’s good ... under the name of secrecy it is convenient to continue as many love affairs as you like” Johnny said.

“ Whatever you assume?”

“ No .. it’s beyond the point of assumption...” Johnny said.

“ What do you mean?’’

“ It means.. I need not assume anything.”

“ Why?’’

“.. because everything is clear and confirmed”

“ You mean...” Vivek got up to chase him, but Johnny had reached the door by that time. He was smiling naughtily looking back at Vivek.


This Novel in English

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