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This Novel in English

Vivek was reading something on the computer, when his friend came quietly, and stood behind him. For quite sometime he was observing Vivek’s activities.

“ So master ... What does your love story says?’’ Johny asked unexpectedly, shaking Vivek’s shoulders.

Vivek startled, and fumbled to minimize the open windows on the monitor.

“ I have had read everything... there no use of hiding now” Johny said, smiling naughtily.

Vivek opened the windows again, trying to hide the confounded expressions on his face, and said, " Look... what she has sent as an attachment"

" I see... that means the fire is equally on both sides... By the way what's her name... who has stolen our Vivek's heart" Johny asked.

" Anjali" Vivek said, blushing red.

" Look... How much our Romeo is blushing" Johny said, teasing him.
" Let me see... what she has sent?" Johny asked further.

Johny sat on the stool kept beside and started reading. Vivek intervened and started explaining him about the software program sent as an attachment by Anjali -

" This is a program written by a Japanese engineer, and it is based on a reflection technologies. Whenever we sit in front of a computer monitor, light falls on our face and gets divided and reflected into different colors to the monitor. This software program gathers the intensity of the different colors fallen on it and converts it into a photograph. That means if we run this program, it can gather the intensities of the reflected light colors, and could convert it into your photograph. Isn't it amazing? But while taking photograph we have to take care of certain things like... we should sit properly facing the monitor, exactly parallel to the monitor. If there is angle between your face and the monitor, the photograph may not be of good quality."

“That means this software can photograph us?" Johny asked.

“Exactly.. ..Look this is my photograph... photographed just few minutes ago" Vivek said opening his own photograph.

“Wow... its amazing... if its so... there is no need to buy camera.." Johny said, in an excitement.

" That's what I am trying to say" Vivek added.

" Wait... let me see... let me run it" Johny said, asking Vivek to get up, and taking his seat.

Johny took the charge of the computer and asked moving the mouse curser around, " What I need to do now?"

" Nothing ... just click the 'snap' button.. but... wait... first you sit right.." Vivek suggested.

Johny sat right and moved the mouse cursor on the 'snap' button.

" Smile please" Vivek added.

Jonhny tried to smile, as he can.

“Ready ... now press the button" Vivek.

Johny clicked the mouse on 'snap' button. For few seconds blue 'Processing' progress bar appeared on the monitor and a photograph appeared. As the photograph appeared on the monitor, Vivek laughed loudly and Jonhy's embarrassed face was ideal to be photographed. On the monitor it was a monkey’s laughing face.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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